Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday afternoon update

68 degrees and sunny here in Seattle. It's GLORIOUS!  Yeah, I'm inside, but it's still nice to see the sun shining in through my windows.  

I did get out and about a bit today. I had an ultrasound this morning to check my fluid levels and blood flow to the baby. Things apparently looked good. I also had a NST and an OB appointment, both of which were pretty standard. Thankfully Dr. Dance was in a hurry, so he sort of breezed in and out of the room, giving me limited time to giggle at the thought of him doing interpretive dance.  And, he put in orders for the c-section! Looks like it's going to be June 1st (still waiting to hear from the scheduling department to get that confirmed), which is the date I've been pretty much assuming would be the one.  One month to go! 

After my appointments I cheated a little on bed rest and ran out to Trader Joe's and the library.  I see the point in wanting me to limit my activities, but I refuse to believe that a short grocery shopping trip at my tiny little Trader Joe's and running in to the equally tiny library for some books is any more dangerous for my baby than walking around the gigantic hospital going from one appointment to the next.  I felt so free, being out in the sunshine, shopping like a normal person.  I just might die from happiness when I finally make it back to Target.  That will be a happy day...

Oh, I nearly forgot- at today's ultrasound, the technician said that New Baby definitely has hair! I've had two different technicians comment on it at separate ultrasounds, so it's apparently noteable. Hurray for a non-bald baby girl!


Mommyto3andahusky said...

yay for hair! :) I wish we had a trader joes in Omaha. :( What did you get to read? I love reading!

Lizzie said...

Would you say that Dr. Dance SASHAYed in and out?? Also! EEEEEEP! One month!