Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another realization about motherhood

Okay, so in most of the ultrasounds that New Baby has had done, she's had her little arm up near her face or over her head. And I am 99% certain that she is now using that arm to punch/claw her way through my cervix. OUCH.  New Baby- you owe me a BIG Mother's Day present next year. And the year after as well.  

I'm definitely getting to the less-than-fun part of pregnancy.  The part where people ask you how you're feeling and you just sort of stare at them and wonder if you a) know them well enough to tell the truth or b) have the strength left in you to lie.  Just don't ask people in their last month of pregnancy how they're feeling. If they say that they're feeling good, I'd be willing to be it's not the truth. There's just no way. 

Most days I actually feel not too bad until about 2 PM. Which is also the point in the day that Ethan wakes up from his nap and starts running around and asking for snacks which he then rejects and throws across the room. He's hitting a bit of an independent/stubborn streak.  Good timing on our part, yes? :)  You can tell we hadn't spent much time around almost-2-year-olds when we decided to get pregnant again right after Ethan's 1st birthday.

Anyway, yesterday I had a great morning with a friend and her kids and then Ethan napped and all was going well. But then the afternoon started and everything was insane and Daniel was busy at work and it was raining, so traffic was awful (because we CANNOT drive in the rain in Seattle. True story.).  And finally my hormones and everything got to me and I just sat down and cried.

Normally I'm the type who wants to be left alone when I'm upset or in pain. I do not like to be touched or hugged, I just need to be alone to regroup, then I will let people know when they may enter my presence.  This, of course, is not a concept that toddlers comprehend.  So, instead of being off in a corner crying, I found myself on the couch with Ethan (and his stuffed animals and paci and blanket) on my lap, one cat sitting on my head, the other cat leaning on me from the other side, and New Baby kicking me energetically from inside.  It actually made me laugh (eventually) because this is just a new reality for me- this is motherhood! 

Then when my wonderful husband battled through the rain and traffic and got home, he just got Ethan's shoes on and went to SushiLand to get takeout for dinner. You've got to love a man who knows when to go get food. What would I do without him!

Tired of the begging for votes yet? I promise, I have a short attention span and will probably lose interest soon in bothering you.  But until then, feel sorry for me and go vote, I'm being beaten up from the inside.  Seeing my little percentage go up on the vote tally will help! Really! 


Mommyto3andahusky said...

awwww hang in there Carrie! She will be here before you know it! :) Sushi sounds great! :)

AZMom said...

How sweet of hubby to take you all out. Sometimes we just need to cry it out too.

Speaking of needing advice, will you read my blog and let me know your thoughts?