Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two weeks left of work

I cannot imagine how one would survive bed rest without a computer.  I think I would have had to be committed to a mental institution right now if I was spending my days alone at home with no contact with the outside world.  Seriously, the internet and reading blogs and message boards and online shopping has been such a lifesaver.  I've also been getting a ton done for work, which is good, given that I am in the final countdown now (insert pause here to try to get the song, Final Countdown out of my brain). 

Seriously, I cannot begin to wrap my brain around the idea that my last day at work is coming so soon.  Probably not my last day of work ever, but the last for a while, at least.  So weird. 

I would love to be blogging here with news of all of the excitement that's going on in my life, but there isn't any. :)  Just lots of work, playing on the computer and begging New Baby to start catching some of these calories on their way from my mouth to my hips and butt. Seriously, I am such a hippopotamus now.  

Oh, I forgot!!! Resolution on the whole in-law/Ethan care thing!!!  Okay, so we discussed it for the one billionth time last night. And we decided that they will come the day before the c-section and will stay in a hotel room nearby, and I will attend dinner with them only if I feel like it.  Then they will stay here with Ethan for 2 days, leaving on the third day.  I'm not likely to be discharged before the 3rd day, so either I'll be coming home on the same day they leave, or the day after. Which means Daniel has Ethan-care covered for the first few days, when he most wants to be at the hospital with us, and will probably only need to be away for one or two nights at the very most, if all goes well. Phew. SUCH a relief.  You have no idea. Or, actually, you do,
 given that you've been living the angst along with me :)

I need to get back to working. Leaving you with a photo of me from Sunday, at 32 weeks and 1 day.  Even though this is my second pregnancy, I just cannot get used to what pregnancy does to the body. I catch glimpses of myself in the mirror when I walk past and am shocked every time. How can that be me? 


maggie said...

OH THANK GOODNESS. That sounds like an excellent plan. Glad you found a way to work it out!

Anonymous said...

1. - I too had that song in my head.
2. - I am so glad you got RESOLUTION!
3. - Praying baby gets more calories and grows.
4. - I cant remember, but I am so glad you got RESOLUTION!!! :)

Jen said...


Lindsay said...

Your outfit matches your blog :) Both are lovely...So glad you got a resolution and re whining generally on the blog pffff, let 'er buck woman.

Nicole Feliciano said...

Just enjoy the miracle you have going on...the pounds will disappear soon enough.

RockMyFriday!com said...

baby time! good luck:)

Ashley said...

I know what you mean about being shocked to see yourself in the mirror. I feel the exact same way! When I see myself in the mirror or pictures it makes me do a double-take every time, because that just does NOT look like me! And I'm glad you don't have to survive bed rest without a computer. That would be torture for sure!

Mommyto3andahusky said...

you are adorable! Pregnant women are just beautiful! :) 2 more weeks!!??? I am jealous.... I want to be off!