Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things I learned/was reminded of this week

1)  Whoever designed the maternity hospital gowns clearly hated women. Seriously, the only acceptable use for these things is to put them in a pile and burn them.  The lovely gown that I wore all day Thursday and until 9 AM Friday (when Daniel arrived with the pjs that I had forgotten) was the same style gown as the post-birth gown that I had worn after Ethan was born, over at an entirely different hospital in Seattle.  I was SO happy to see that they exist at my new hospital too! 

I should describe these things. They are not your typical open-at-the-back gowns, since they are designed for nursing. Instead, they have ties going down the front. This way all of your visitors get a nice little glimpse of the skin between the ties, running from your neck down to the top of the belly.   And they're in a lovely blue print with little flowers. And (are you ready for it?) THEY HAVE PUFFY SLEEVES.  My nurse said that they've been using them at this hospital since she started there in 1983.  My night nurse said that she recently came from the east coast and was horrified by them, since she'd never seen anything like them out there. So, Seattle ladies, we are unusually blessed.

2)  Doctors, even at the same practice, sometimes have very different ideas of what needs to happen for a patient's care.  I'll be phoning my regular doctor on Monday to make a bunch of new appointments and get her up to speed on things, although she'll have the notes as well. It'll be interesting to see what she thinks.

3) There really is no place like home. Especially when you leave your home early on a Thursday morning for what you think is a routine appointment, planning to return and deal with the multiple HUGE piles of laundry and miscellaneous cleaning that needs to be done. Which really hangs over your head when you don't get to return and are fearing that your in-laws are going to come stay at your house and think you're a terrible housekeeper.  

Oh, and home is a great place because my two favorite people in the world are here. Even if one of them is currently decorating the dining room table with yogurt. He's still a cutie. And that husband of mine- not one word of complaint throughout his own worries about me and the baby, and the stress of having to rearrange a very busy and deadline-filled work day and driving Ethan around and fetching things for me at home.  He did it like he does everything in life, with a heart full of love and a smile on his face. It humbles me to be around him.

4)  I truly do not stress about the big-picture issues.  I was praying for the baby and was comforted to know others were as well, but I was not stressed about the situation.  Do you know what I was stressed about on Thursday? Not having a computer and wondering how far I was getting behind on reading the blogs on my email and google reader. I KID YOU NOT.  That's how I work.  Yes, I think that I subconsciously was a little more overwhelmed than I realized, since I cried on Thursday night before sleeping, but overall I didn't stress.

5) We are blessed with amazing friends and family. So many people were praying and calling and worrying for us.  And I had people dropping by and bringing me treats and just keeping me company and taking care of my child.  And people that had planned my baby shower for Saturday were so kind about canceling it and then un-canceling it when I was unexpectedly freed!

*** Okay, the cutest thing ever just happened. Daniel was in our room sleeping, and Ethan was eating breakfast at the table with me. He stopped eating, said "Dada, please?" and got down and went to the front door. I told him Daddy wasn't out there, he was in the bedroom, so carried Ethan over to the bedroom. When he saw Daniel, he said "Dada!" and crawled in bed with him and started hugging him. HOW CUTE IS THAT???

I need to go start folding the huge pile of laundry. Then it's off to New Baby's party! Hurray!

Thanks again to you all for your prayers and comments and messages.  They meant so much to me. 

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Lizzie said...

Hope the party is fun - I sure am glad New Baby's has a little longer to cook in there!