Saturday, April 25, 2009

People, I am NOT whining about pregnancy in this post!!!

We made it home last night and I managed to stay awake until 8 PM before falling over into bed :)  It was so nice to be home and sleeping in my nice bed next to my nice husband.

This morning I got up early to do laundry (no that is not against the bed rest rules), since I am never leaving the house with things messy, EVER again. Then we headed up to New Baby's first party! Our friends all showed up and things  were amazing, despite all the canceling and uncanceling that we did over the last few days.  We had a great time hanging out with friends and catching up on things. It was so nice to be out and spending time with them.  Since we already had most of the baby gear we needed, our friends asked if they could pool their funds and buy one big item, and we asked them to get a bassinet for the bedroom. It's portable and has all sorts of fancy features, and I think it's going to be great to have for the baby.  So nice of them  to get it for us! I'll post pictures when we get it set up.  We also got a beautiful homemade
 baby blanket, made by this lady, and an adorable outfit from another friend. 

Other fun stuff from yesterday/today:

I won these Monkey Toes shoes from this blog a few weeks ago and they were waiting yesterday when we got home. I can't vouch for them fitting yet, as I ordered ahead in sizes, but they are so
 totally adorable that I wish they were in my size! 

And I also had a box waiting with a sample pack of Mom/Baby organic skin care from Kimberly Parry, that I had won over at another blog.  Again, the testing of the baby stuff will have to wait, but one of the things I won was a sample of this belly butter, which I greatly enjoyed using last night on my rapidly expanding stomach. It's supposed to help prevent stretch marks, which I am definitely in need of right now! I'm one of those people who gets no stretch marks until the last month or so of pregnancy, but then they come on fast. Anything that helps is much appreciated, and this was a nice butter to put on. Good texture, good smell, not greasy. I highly recommend it. I will spare you all the photos of my stomach though. No one should have to see that that isn't getting paid to see it. 

The other thing that I have had now for a month and have been meaning to write about is this unbelievably cute set of birds made by my friend Lizzie. If you read her blog, you already know that she is ridiculously talented on the homemade crafts. I tried to convince her on Friday to open an Etsy shop, I think she would do well. Aren't these the cutest? She made one bird for each of us in the family, with New Baby's bird inside a little egg for now.  SO ADORABLE!!!

And one last thing that I've been meaning to write about and forget (darned pregnancy brain). I got a scrabble tile pendant from an Etsy shop a few weeks ago as well. I am loving these new tile pendants and have to restrain myself from buying new ones all the time. They are so creative and inexpensive, a great jewelry idea!  My current favorite is this one from Squishy Sushi. I get so many compliments on it, and I love it because it's a Lucky Cat picture, and I collect Lucky Cats, so it always makes me smile. And that's a great thing!

So a good day today. Ethan and Daniel have gone off to run errands now and I'm updating my pictures and blogs before falling over on the couch. I'm actually tired out now, which is very unusual for me.  Off to find something to watch on TV. 


Dee said...

You look great!

carrie said...

You look better than great! You are adorable! I was huuuuuuuge at 34 weeks, believe me - especially w/my 2nd. It looked like a basketball was shoved up my shirt!

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