Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm even okay with the crankiness today

Seems like there has been a lot of sadness in the mommy blog world lately.  This family lost their 17-month old daughter Maddie yesterday.  This family said goodbye to their two year old Emily last week. Angie had to get through a tough day yesterday, the day that would have been her daughter's first birthday. And I think most of you are following MckMamma and her son Stellan and his battles with his heart problem and his continued stay in PICU. And I know there are so many more.  You are in my prayers.

It really puts things in perspective, doesn't it. Somehow the kicks to the internal organs and the temper tantrums because of a difference of opinion on how many crackers is really enough for snacktime... yeah, not so important. Ethan keeps wondering why Mommy is giving him so many kisses and hugs today. I know I'm so blessed to be able to do so. 

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