Monday, April 6, 2009

I think I need chocolate

People, it is sunny outside again! Yesterday was a GLORIOUS day. 70 degrees, sun shining. I was able to have all the windows open in the condo and get the air circulating. Even getting up at 5:30 wasn't too bad this morning, since it was all warm and summer smelling. I love the smell of the early hours of a summer morning. Which is good, given that I will likely be smelling a lot of them this summer. :)

We went and walked the 3 mile loop around Green Lake yesterday. It was fairly painful, as I'm big enough that my hips and lower back hurt while walking, but I made the loop and actually felt better in the evening than I have in a while. I think I need to start walking a little bit more and that I really need to do my prenatal yoga on occasion.

So I'm at work this morning, and I keep getting all emotional, because I'm going through medical records for a litigation case, and I keep running across birth records and thinking about New Baby's impending arrival. I really wish I knew when it would be- but I suppose most people don't know that and I'll still have the info on my kid's arrival date earlier than 90% of the population does. I've been pretty emotional about the whole thing whenever I think about it- for some reason the idea of having this baby is just as unbelievable and hard to grasp as it was the idea of Ethan's arrival. I just have no idea of how I'm going to handle two of them and where we're going to fit New Baby and all her stuff.

And of course I'm worried about Ethan and how he'll adjust and how I can make sure that he still gets the time and attention he needs. Oh, and to top it all off, I'm freaking out a little about the actual c-section. I was not conscious for the last one, so have no idea what to expect. And the idea of the epidural is freaking me out a little. It was one thing to get a needle stuck in my back when I was in the middle of labor. I think I would have chopped off an arm for pain relief if that was an option. But to get a needle stuck in my back when it's just a normal day with no pain or anything... yeah, I'm not sure about that one.

This week is the beginning of the NSTs- so that must mean the end is in sight. So now every Friday morning is going to consist of me going to the OB's office and being hooked up to machines to see what New Baby is up to in there. Ethan loved to sleep through his and ended up having to get buzzed with the baby buzzer every time. Hopefully New Baby will be slightly more cooperative :)

I'm going to have another baby in eight weeks. Wow. Yeah, I definitely need some chocolate now.


Lizzie said...

SQEEEE! SO EXCITING! I can't wait to meet New Baby! And it'll be so fun to see Ethan as Big Brother.

Anonymous said...

Wow - it is getting so close!!! You will do great and fitting the 2nd one into the routine becomes normal and you will wonder why you even gave it a 2nd thought before she got here. :)

carrie said...

Bring on the chocolate! That is just around the corner! :)

mary said...

gotta love the baby buzzer. Connor usually did not require it, but when he did, he was crazy for the rest of the day and night!

Ashley said...

I have been loving the gorgeous weather lately too! Too bad it's supposed to be a rainy Easter weekend. And I am getting SO nervous too, about how I'm going to take care of a newborn and a toddler at the same time. I'm also freaked out about how Kirsten's going to react and how she'll respond to less attention. I'm really afraid that she's going to be a whiny, cranky mess all the time after the new baby comes. It's nice to vent about this to someone who understands!