Sunday, April 12, 2009

I do not like people (who shall remain nameless) who go to sleep easily after a heated "discussion"

Seriously.  "Someone" in our house finished a "discussion" went and brushed his teeth, laid down and FELL ASLEEP. In like 14 seconds. What is that about?

The weekend went well overall.  I ended up cheating on the bed rest and tagged along for the Walmart trip. But before we went I reorganized my shopping list so that everything was listed by area, and I sorted through my coupons so that I would have the right ones and know exactly what I was after and there would be no forgotten items or backtracking. Shockingly, Walmart was not insane on a Saturday at 11 AM, even the Saturday before Easter. It confused me.  And perhaps lessened my hatred of Walmart slightly.

Now the double stroller is in the entryway, in its box. Next to the baby swing thing that I won a few months back. Which is also unopened in its box.  We are so in denial about our space issues and where we're going to put this kid.

Church today was fabulous. The music was great, the kids choir was adorable, and the sermon was wonderful.  The potluck was pretty good, although most of our friends didn't stay, and I didn't get to catch up with them. But I did catch up with one friend, so that was nice. Then I returned to my couch and bed. 

** Warning, irrational pregnant person blogging here. 

You're probably wondering about the "discussion".  Sigh.  It's an ongoing one. One with no good answer yet.  We're trying to figure out what to do with Ethan while we're in the hospital for New Baby's arrival. The plan as it stands now, is for Daniel's parents to come down and stay with him for the 3-4 days. Which would be a good plan if I was not a HORRIBLE PERSON who is freaked out by her in-laws.  Don't believe me? Read these posts here and here from December. 

I just cannot handle the thought of spending the night before the c-section with guests in my condo and having to sleep in Ethan's room on the Murphy bed (no, the in-laws couldn't sleep there), recovering from the c-section and having a brand new baby in my tiny condo, with my in-laws in the living room speaking Chinese loudly.  Or just being in my living room at all. Nothing personal, I don't want ANYONE around for more than 5-10 minutes when I'm recovering from major surgery and trying to help Ethan adjust and feed New Baby all the time.  Especially if she does end up as small as predicted- Ethan had to be fed every hour and a half. Which left about 20-30 minutes for sleep/eating/showering, etc. And that went on for two weeks. Not really when you want extra people in your teeny, tiny home.  They probably wouldn't stay long, but as we don't know when we'll be getting discharged, it would probably be a few days after we came home before we could work out the logistics of getting them back to Canada.

Daniel is not a fan of the idea of getting friends to watch Ethan during the day the first day and then him watching  Ethan after that, because he doesn't want to be away from New Baby and I while we're in the hospital. Not to mention we'd have to try to explain to the in-laws why we don't want them to come down, as discussed, and that can't end well...

So we're at an impasse and I'm tired and hormonal and stressed and freaked out and you name it. And I don't sleep when I'm upset, so I'm also annoyed that he went to sleep so fast! AHHH!!  


Ashley said...

My husband is exactly like that. He falls asleep within SECONDS, no matter what, and it is insane to me because I always lie awake obsessing about stuff forever! I hope you can come to an agreement, and I'm glad you had a good Easter!

Lizzie said...

Maybe it's husbands! Adam does the same thing. And often DURING "discussions" - as in I have to say "WELL?" and he says (sleepily) "Huh?" It drives me BATTY!

It'll all work out, Carrie, and even if your in-laws are there for a day or two of your recovery, I'm sure you'll get through it somehow. It's so sweet of Daniel to want to be present and take care of you.

maggie said...

Oh man. I could not deal with that. No no no no no way in the WORLD could I deal with that AND I LIKE MY INLAWS.

I would come up with the best sounding white lie, feed it to the parents and let it go, knowing you made the best decision for yourself, and DAMN THE GUILT. (I know I know, I would feel guilty, but I would TRY NOT TO.)

Dude. I am totally just sitting her trying to come up with Solutions. GAK.

Beanie said...

Carrie - what about treating yourself, oh and Daniel too, to a night at a hotel before your scheduled C? You could order room service, take naps, watch a movie or too, take a bath.

That way, you have a chance to relax, TRULY relax, and gear up for the next day.

It might be worth the money and I bet you could find a cheap rate on hotels or expedia.

Beanie said...

TWO, I meant "a movie or TWO".


Mommyto3andahusky said...

I am sorry Carrie! :( I think things will work out, they always do. Just think about the really really cool prize you are getting here soon! A brand new beautiful baby! Focus on the prize! :) Thanks for the sweet comments! :)

Oh and it must be a man thing. My husband does the same thing. Just goes to sleep like nothing! :o(