Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Have I mentioned that bloggers totally rock? (and other randomness)

This afternoon, Ethan and I walked down the hall and rode the elevator downstairs to check the mail.  The last time I found checking the mail this exciting was when I was probably less than 12 years old, back in the day when the mail was full of fun and excitement and maybe a card from grandma. Not the influx of bills and junk that it becomes when one becomes an adult.  Even though the mail itself is still not very exciting lately, it's still an outing and requires wearing shoes, so is a major event for me. Last week I was very excited to see a box of baby clothes waiting for me that had been sent by a dear friend who has three little kids of her own. Her son's clothes made up about 75% of Ethan's wardrobe for the first year of his life, and now I have a big pile of adorable girl clothes waiting for New Baby.  

Anyway, today was  another exciting day in the world of mail. When the elevator doors open, I saw a box sitting by the mailboxes. And it had my name on it!!! I got the box and Ethan and the junk mail upstairs and excitedly opened it up and what fun! It was a box full of gifts from Erin, another mommy blogger!  She sent chocolate (I will not admit how much of of the chocolate I have already eaten...) and an adorable outfit and a blanket and this totally sweet bib that she stitched herself. The whole thing completely made my day. 

Here comes the randomness/pregnant brain rambling.  I keep trying to explain the blog world to my husband, but he just doesn't get it (I blame the fact that's he's over 40).  He is glad that I have my blog and my blog friends, but I know he doesn't understand that my online friends have also become my real friends, whether I've met them in the actual non-cyberspace world or not.  He was very confused last week when I had to update my blog before we went to the hospital- I knew that I needed prayers and support from you guys and that you would all want to know what was going on.   

So to all of you who have emailed me or visited me or commented or prayed or sent good thoughts for New Baby and I- thank you.  And thanks for keeping me a little bit sane and connected to the world outside of my condo walls. I appreciate it so much.  

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Erin said...

I am so glad you like everything! I also made the blanket and it is fully washable. I am not so sure about the bib, but it should stand up to teething drool and such. :)