Monday, April 20, 2009

Family Movie Night FAIL

Our attempt at our first ever family movie night was an utter and complete failure.

When Daniel went to pick up my books at the library on Saturday, he also picked up the movie Bolt, which I've had on hold for a while.  We decided to wait and watch it when Ethan was around.  Our schedules all finally synchronized on Sunday late afternoon, so we popped the movie in the DVD player and all sat down.  We typically only let Ethan watch about 20-30 minutes of a DVD per day, and it's always been Little Einsteins or Veggie Tales or something like that.  But we figured one evening of watching a movie wouldn't hurt. And we didn't really think he'd sit still for too much of the show.

As the movie started,  Daniel happened to have the thought that we hadn't checked to see what the movie was rated.  But the DVD case was ALL THE WAY over on the entertainment center (about 5 feet from us), so we just decided that it must be rated G and didn't bother getting up.

The movie opens with big chase scenes with lots of motorcycles and lasers and helicopters and the cute doggie running around and occasionally getting cornered by the bad guys.  Ethan sat next to me and watched, and kept saying "oh no!" over and over.  But he says that constantly, no matter what we're doing, so I didn't worry too much about it.  After about 20 minutes though, he'd had enough of the noises and the doggie being chased by bad guys and he just lost it.  Sobbing, clinging on to me, repeating "oh, no" between sobs when he could catch his breath.

Daniel and I both felt about 2 inches tall. We quickly popped out Bolt and put in VeggieTales and prayed that we had not totally screwed up Ethan's little brain.  He seemed fine after that and slept well and woke up happy today, so the damage seems to have been temporary.  To Ethan, at least.

Things like this always seem to creep up when you feel like you're doing an okay job with parenting that week, don't they? 


Lizzie said...

Dont' you love those little "SURPRISE, you stink!" moments! Hahah!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Carrie, I've been reading for a few weeks now, but I wanted to thank you for putting up the links to the blog giveaways. It's become my new obsession!
Also, Bolt is one of those kids' movies that I just can't handle. Anything with animals tends to make me cry.

AZMom said...

Awww...I am sure he was okay. My kids loved Bolt but they are a lot older. You are a good mom...don't ever forget that!!