Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baby's got a new pair of shoes!

So, you all know about my addiction to mommy blog giveaways, right?  Last weekend, I was just commenting to Daniel that I hadn't won anything in a while. Then Monday rolled around, and the emails started coming in. 
First I won some dishwashing tabs at this blog. Very useful!  
Then I won a mom and baby sample set of organic skin care here. So anxious for that to come, my pregnant skin needs help!
I also won a set of dip mixes from this nice lady. I'm going to have to throw a party so everyone can try them out!
So that was all making me happy.  But then, I got an email from this blogger, informing me that I had won a new all-in-one Epson printer! Which is so exciting, because it has a scanner function, and I usually do all my scanning at work, and was wondering what I was going to do after I went on leave. Oh, and we are running low on toner on our current printer, which is usually when we just buy a new printer. I know, not very earth-friendly, but usually more cost-effective.
And the week wrapped up with the news that New Baby had won a pair of very adorable shoes!! I went ahead and asked for the shoes to come in a size that she wont need until she's about a year old, because she has so many tiny shoes already. But I know they're going to look so cute on her when she grows into them!

I've put buttons on the right side of my blog for some of my favorite giveaway/review sites.  They're worth checking out, believe me. I probably spend about 30 minutes per day entering giveaways, but it's paid off hugely with some great prizes.  

Anyway, update on other stuff going on here. I'm kind of starting to dread Fridays, as that is my day to visit the doctor and for New Baby to have her non-stress tests.  Yesterday I ate a big breakfast, drank my morning coffee, drank apple juice on my way to the doctor... and nothing. I told the nurse that was hooking me up that the baby had been quiet that morning, and she made some comment about me needing to eat breakfast first. I assured her that I had. She then made the comment "okay, so we'll have you on here for about 20 minutes."  I laughed out loud at that, as I know how my offspring work when there are monitors attached to my abdomen.  Like the week before (and like her brother on every one of his NSTs), she would not budge. After about 15 minutes of that, they buzzed her and she moved a little bit. But not enough. Then I had to drink more apple juice. I don't know why New Baby didn't react to the sugar, I was shaking by this point, and I eat a lot of sugar!

An hour later my doctor came in and unhooked me and said that I needed to go to ultrasound for the other part of this test, the BPP. Just like the week before.  Sigh.  So I headed home for a few hours and tried desperately to get through the flood of emails about the report that we had going out that day.  Not surprisingly, my blood pressure right before I left to head back to the hospital was over the limit where I'm supposed to call and report it.  The ultrasound went fine, New Baby aced her BPP.  They did not measure her growth, but noted that her amniotic fluid has now gone from being too low back at 19 weeks to being borderline high.  Not a concern just yet, but yet another thing that they are going to be watching. 

So, after she aced the BPP I headed back to the OB's with the report, and mentioned that my blood pressure had been high at home, and maybe I should have a nurse check it while I was there. So the nurse had me sit in a little room and told me to relax for a bit, and then they'd be in later to check my blood pressure. Do you know what's the BEST way to stress out a type A person on Friday afternoon who has spent most of the day running from appointment to appointment and is now late to pick up her child at daycare? Tell her to sit quietly and relax!!! I don't do that under the best of circumstances!!! :)  It sort of worked though, because my blood pressure was down by the time they finally came in to check it, 20 minutes later. 

That's where we are now with this. 33 weeks pregnant. Starting to wonder how much longer this baby is going to stay put, since the list of things that can cause a baby to be born/need to be delivered early seem to be adding up. I figure the best way to combat this is to finish getting ready at home and work and to pack my hospital bag. Parental preparedness for birth usually seems to make the babies stay in until the due date or later :)

Well, Daniel's home from the library with my big pile of hold books, so I'm off to vegetate some more. Hurray for books!


Mommyto3andahusky said...

I have to start my stress tests next week. Thanks for the tips! I am going to make sure she gets to moving! :)

Nicole Feliciano said...

congrats on all your wins! how exciting for "new baby" good luck with the last few days at work and enjoy getting ready for the arrival.