Monday, March 23, 2009

What do you mean, relax?

Okay, Monday morning has arrived. Since I caught this cold, I've started being very grateful for morning. There is little in life that I dislike more than lying in bed, trying to breathe out of at least part of my nose, and attempting to not be overwhelmed by coughing. I told Daniel last night that if I could just amputate the left side my head, I'd be fine. Can't breathe out of that side of my nose and my ear is totally plugged up as well.

Ethan, on the other hand, is fine. Eye is back to normal, cold seems to be going away. So we're planning to send him to daycare today after all. Which brings up this new and improved dilemma for me. 1) I finished my report yesterday and therefore don't really have anything to do workwise today, until my PM goes through the report and gets back to me. Unlikely to be today or even tomorrow. 2) Ethan is fine, and there's no reason for him to stay home. 3) I am not really fine, since I have this lovely cold. 4) In another month there will be no daycare and no option of sending Ethan away and once I have New Baby as well, there will probably be no resting.

So this seems obvious, right? Ethan goes to daycare, I stay home and have a sick day. So why is this so hard to accept? It just seems so selfish to be doing something like staying home and resting while Daniel works and Ethan goes to daycare. And what am I supposed to do with myself all day? I do not relax! EVER. I have two speeds- go 1000 miles an hour or fall over into a unconscious state.

I think I might be able to rationalize this to myself by saying its and early birthday present to me. Since my birthday is on SATURDAY!!!! (in case you forgot).

I think it's time for my daily half-caf coffee. I shall mull this all over and report back later.

*** Update***

I sat and drank my coffee, then Ethan got up and got ready for school. Then he left with Daniel and I paid the bills, mopped the floors and vacuumed. Then I was ready to relax, which, of course, triggered a landslide of emails from work with revisions/additions to the report, all of which need to be done immediately, if not sooner. Oh well, I don't think I could have handled a day of resting anyway :)

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Lindsay said...

Relllllllllaaaaaxxxxxxx. is my vote.