Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update from today's appointment

Ultrasound #7 was this morning- I'm getting to the point (finally) where I actually know what I'm looking at on the screen, even before the technician tells me.  We had 6 or 7 ultrasounds with Ethan, and this was, of course, #7 with New Baby, so I've seen it all a time or two by now! We woke Ethan up early and dragged him to the clinic, much to his chagrin. He was less than impressed to see the grey blob that is his sister, and spent most of his time trying to get me to pick him up or throwing his books/flashcards on the ground for Daniel to retrieve.  

Baby is measuring small still, just like last time. She's down to the 10-15%ile, which is statistically the same at what they told us last time (16th %ile).  Everything else looked fine though, so they're not worried.  When I emailed my friends and family, they all kept telling me not to worry and that they would be praying for New Baby to pick up some weight. I assured them that I'm actually not worried, since this is exactly the same situation we were in with Ethan. And, although it would be nice if she was above 6 pounds, I really wanted to ask them to pray carefully regarding her weight- I have to carry this kid around for 2.5 more months, and she's already seeming pretty darned heavy to me!  The doctor told me to expect her to be similar in size to what Ethan was at birth (5 lbs, 15 oz).  So I need to come up with some preemie clothes and keep getting newborn sized diapers! 

Last night Daniel came home from work with a baby present from his coworker, who had to move away last week, so wont be around later to give us the gift. The box had two of the most adorable little frilly dresses. I am SO excited about frilly dresses! I'm a very girly girl, and love wearing skirts and heels and pearl necklaces, so am going to be one of those moms who puts their daughters in the pinkest, frilliest things possible.  I know that I'm just asking for her to grow up and be a tomboy, but I'm going to dress her like that while I have a choice in the matter! :)  I love Ethan and he's such a fun kid, but I have to admit that I am very excited about having a daughter. It feels very different, in some way.  Like she'll be a little less alien to me or something. Who knows, I cant really explain it.

Anyway, it's naptime here, and I'm supposed to be catching up on the ridiculous amount of work that I have to do before next Monday. So back to that. Seriously, I love my job, but April 29th cannot come soon enough. 

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Ashley said...

It's SO fun to dress up a baby girl, it's hard not to go totally crazy with it! Have fun with that! My baby is the opposite. . . measuring slightly on the big side, so they might have to induce me a little bit early.