Wednesday, March 18, 2009


1. I turned to Daniel the other evening and said "what on earth possessed you to agree when I said, 'hey, let's have another baby!'" He couldn't answer that question.

2. Did I mention that I only have 19 work days left? Still seems like a lot. Work's busy this week, which helps the days go fast, but I'm worried about a looming deadline. And I'm starting to have trouble fitting at my desk. Whenever I lean forward, New Baby takes offense at her space being compromised and kicks me. Or hiccups, which is also distracting. I worked until I was 38.5 weeks pregnant last time. NO idea how I managed that.

3. I think we're slowly getting ready for this baby. My church friends talked me into having a small baby shower for New Baby. I was unconvinced until the third person asked me about it, since I just had a baby 19 months ago and still have tons of baby stuff. But we're having a co-ed, kids invited, small shower that's really just an excuse to get together and hang out. They're all chipping in (if they want to) to buy us a portable bassinet/pack n play thing that's smaller than the one we have. Which will be great, since New Baby will be in our room indefinitely and we don't have a lot of space.

4. It's 9:16 AM and I've already eaten all the snacks that I brought to work to get me through the whole day. I pack my lunch at night, and I'm not usually hungry then, so I always, always underestimate the extent of my daytime hunger.

5. I won more giveaways this week. Small ones, but still good prizes. I am so utterly in love with blog giveaways now. Entering them does take a good bit of time in the evening, which interferes with our attempts to not spend our evenings staring at the laptop, but I'm trying to cut down on blogs that I read in general and other stuff that I mindlessly do online. Maybe I'll learn balance one of these days.

6. Have I mentioned how ridiculously cute Ethan is these days? He's at that age where Daniel and I just sit around and watch him and laugh at all the funny little things he does. LOVING IT!

7. This is a little silly, but I was so blessed by it that I'm going to mention it anyway. On Monday I had kind of a rotten day at work. Then after work, I walked all the way to my bus stop before realizing that I had forgotten my cell phone in the office. Which is not good, since it's still the only number most people have to reach me. So I waddled back to the office and then back to the bus stop in the wind and drizzle. As I got close to the stop the second time, I was really getting uncomfortable- New Baby is so low that when I walk for any extended period of time, she starts making me hurt quite a bit. So, there I was, walking to the stop, running late to get Ethan, and I just said a little prayer "God, if you could please just let my bus come soon so that I can get home to my son, I'd really appreciate it." 15 seconds after I arrived at the stop, my bus pulled up. Not ahead of me, so I didn't have to run, just right when I got there. And I was able to get to Ethan only 10 minutes late and we made it home before the rain started to fall.
I sometimes forget to pray about the little things like that. He really is a good God, isn't He!

Crap. Just looked at my report and it is still refusing to write itself. How utterly annoying :) Back to work.

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Lindsay said...

My work won't do itself either. BOoooooooooo. Enjoy your last 19 days chica!