Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Parent-teacher conference

So this morning I was tidying the shelf in Ethan's closet, and came across a pile of his daycare art projects. Which, fortunately, made me think of daycare and reminded me that I had a parent-teacher conference this afternoon.

I somehow managed to get dressed and put on enough makeup to not look completely corpse-like and headed out, with Ethan in tow. Parent-teacher conferences for toddlers make me laugh, a bit. At least there was a lot more to say this year than last year, when his skill set consisted of pooping and spitting up. The teachers had a lot of interesting information for me. Like how well Ethan plays with others and shares his toys. And how he obeys so well and follows multi-step instructions. If he hadn't been sitting there, I would have thought they were possibly talking about the wrong child. Not the playing well with others thing, he's always been very social. But obeying is a teensy bit harder to believe. At home he obeys about 50% of the time. Which is pretty good, I guess.

We're definitely in the midst of a phase where we have to focus a lot on discipline. Ethan knows what he wants and has no problems with expressing it. LOUDLY. Like his love for crackers. He asks for them at every meal and snack. Between meals and snacks he hangs out at the cupboard saying "kacker" over and over and throwing a major fit when we dont give them to him. He gets crackers once or twice a day, but I'm not quite willing to allow peanut butter crackers to make up the entirety of his diet, so this is a frequently fought battle.

He's a good kid, I know that. And he's been a fairly easy kid for most of his life. Him showing his independence and fighting us to get his way should not (and isn't really) a surprise. He comes from a long line of very stubborn people, on both sides of his family. Daniel and I just need to keep talking and agree on what we're going to do, and choose our battles wisely, and stay strong when we need to be. Oh, and pray for supernatural strength to outlast the will and energy of our child. He's got some impressive staying power with these temper tantrums!

On an amusing note, his teachers were raving at his ability to walk around and throw a ball with one hand. I told them that he practices that skill daily on our cats. Good to know our furbabies are earning their keep! :)


Sheila said...

That post made me giggle! We're registering our son in pre-school this month, and I'm so curious to see how he does!
And I'm totally with you on having to choose your battles wisely!!! If I fought every battle I think I'd go nuts!


Super Fun Mama said...

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Arin said...

blog hopping w/ubp. isn't it funny how you when you were single your makeup was the first thing in the day you did-now it's the last thing on our minds a moms.