Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Okay, I give in.

It's 5 AM. I've been up coughing and sniffing since 4. Now I'm just waiting for the doctor's office to open so that I can call and beg for an appointment. I cannot take this sickness/lack of sleep anymore. I'm just amazed Daniel hasn't dragged me to the doctor himself already, since my snoring and sniffing and coughing has prevented him from sleeping for days.

I value doctors and respect their opinions, but I still rarely go when I'm not pregnant. I didn't grow up going to doctors, so it's not a habit of mine. And I view it as a sign of weakness too, I think. I hate to admit that there are things I can't fix on my own. Oh, and there's the whole fact that I pretty much go to the doctor every single week when I am pregnant, which has been my state of being for a large part of the last three years, so I'm a little tired of doctor's office waiting rooms.

But I refuse to be this sick on my birthday. REFUSE!!! Hear that, sickness? I will not do this much longer!

Daniel asked me last night if I even have an immune system anymore. I don't generally get sick, but this is my second horrible cold of the winter, and then there was that stomach flu in between. I told him that I think my immune system has transferred to his daughter, and she's apparently not sharing. Speaking of whom- poor baby! I cannot imagine what she must be thinking in there with all the coughing! I'm surprised that I can't feel her clawing for a foothold or something. :)


Hawaiin Name Meanings said...

Aw, hope you feel better! Happy birthday and happy UBP '09! Your blog is very amusing to read as a fellow ongoer in this road we call life! :)

~ Ashley

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Lizzie said...

I have the same issue re:doctors, dentists, white coats in general. Also? I had a very vivid dream with you and Daniel in it last night (even though I've never met him!). About a baby shower for you and your whole family was around and Adam and I were going to buy your place so you could move to the East Side. Weird, huh?