Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not the greatest mother this weekend

There is pretty much nothing in life that brings out my less-than-stellar mom side than dealing with a cranky toddler. As you all know, I am not by nature a patient person. To say the least. And, unfortunately, neither is Ethan. And he also seems to have inherited my utter inability to deal with being sick. Feeling bad sends he and I both into a downward spiral of whinyness and crankiness and just general obnoxiousness. Daniel practically ran out the door to church this morning. I can't blame him.

Ethan's in bed now, THANK GOD. Hopefully he'll stay there for a while. I'm trying to finish up this report that I've been working on, so that I can stay home from work tomorrow with him. The doctor said he wouldn't be contagious anymore by tomorrow, but his eye is still puffy and he still has a cold, so we're not thrilled with the idea of sending him off to daycare. Daniel volunteered to take a sick day and stay home, but I know he's swamped at work. And a large part of me feels like it's my job to juggle things and figure out a way to stay home- my job is way less important to our finances, and I'm only a month from going on indefinite leave, and I'm the one who is choosing to work, so I should also be the one who should stay home with the sick kid. Daniel is utterly willing though, because he's just good like that. I have to say, I am looking forward to the day coming soon when taking care of a sick kid doesn't involve calendars and negotiations and emails and phone calls...

Okay. Focus, Carrie, focus. Much to do and naptime is likely to be brief.


Sheila said...

Aww I hope your little guy gets better soon! My youngest is batteling an ear infection! So I can realte to a sick sucks!!

Ashley said...

I can relate! Kirsten was such a fussy, cranky toddler all day today, refused to take a nap, and I was just about ready to fall on the floor and die of relief when she finally went to bed tonight. I like how your blog shows the honest side of motherhood. :)