Thursday, March 19, 2009

I can't believe I'm going to complain about Target

But I am.  Don't get me wrong, Target is still my happy place. I love the clean, wide aisles and well-stocked shelves.  Unless I'm shopping at the Target near my husband's work, which is like the pit of Target stores.  Everyone around here knows that though, and it's my own fault for still going there sometimes.  But I digress.  

Today is Bible Study Thursday, so we loaded up the car this morning and headed to Bellevue to drop Daniel off to work, then Ethan and I backtracked to Seattle and up north to our church. As planned, I was running 15 minutes early, which left me just enough time to dash into Target and get a few household items on my list. And mini Cadbury creme eggs. For New Baby, of course. :)

However, I forgot that I have started to develop a phobia/hatred of shopping at Target in the morning when there is virtually no one else in the store.  Why, you ask? Because in the morning, all the employees at Target are out in the aisles, checking things, restocking, wandering around near the checkouts and trying to drag you down their aisle, etc.  And EVERY ONE of them asks you as you walk past "can I help you find something?" Which is fine and nice and helpful if 1) the person looks confused and 2) they have not just been asked the same thing by 5 other red-shirted people in the time it took to travel 3.5 aisles. 

And it's not like I was even wandering around looking confused this morning. I was booking it from one end of the store to the next. Whipping my stroller around curves, balancing things on top, grabbing stuff off the shelf and walking quickly to the next thing on my list. There is no WAY I looked confused.

I'm glad Target is all into customer service, but when I'm there, I just want to shop, not talk to every single person that works at the store and answer the same question over and over. I am still proud that I didn't yell at the last person who asked me if he/she could help me find something. I think I was trying to focus on the Easter candy in my basket, which helped soothe me.

Bible study was fabulous, as usual. I'm so blessed by this study and the encouragement to my faith that it has provided. It's a study about the fruits of the spirit this session- and definitely something I've needed to hear. Today's topic was joy- I needed to be reminded that I don't have to let events and situations steal my joy- and I need to stop letting that happen.  And I was especially glad to be reminded that I have the joy of salvation, and that, even if nothing else in life brings joy, that alone is more than I could ask for or ever imagine.  

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Lizzie said...

Sounds like the Bible study cheered your day up, but if it hadn't, I'm sure Cadbury would have. Mmmmmm. I've purposefully been staying away from the "seasonal" aisles lately.