Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday weekend recap

It was a busy weekend, but a good one! Saturday was nice, had brunch at our favorite restaurant and then went to the co-op sale, where I stayed far away from the racks of baby girl clothes. This was because the week before, I finally sorted through all the stuff I've been buying here and there for New Baby, and realized she owns more clothes than anyone else in the family. So, enough was enough and no more clothes shall be purchased for a while.

In the late afternoon we FINALLY went out in search of cupcakes. In the end, despite my extensive survey on Friday and being told by everyone (except Daniel) that it was acceptable, and perhaps my moral obligation, to eat at least two cupcakes on my birthday... I only had one. Plans had been made to eat one on site and get more to take home, but by the time we made it through the rain to the cupcake place, it was dinner time, and time to get Ethan home. But I got a yummy chocolate Guinness stout flavored cupcake with Bailey's flavored icing and ate it later. It was yummy!!!

Sunday we had plans to do more shopping, but were too utterly worn out from Saturday, and still recovering from the plague, so we didn't do much after church.

But tomorrow!!! I have plans!!!!!!! Okay, this is sad/pathetic/beyond comprehension. I realized (while sitting in church and I know I should have been listening to the sermon, but I got distracted...) that I have been out exactly THREE times (Maggie, I remembered one that I forgot yesterday) since Ethan's birth on a girls'-night-out-type event. I've been out other times for work stuff, and go out on rare occasions by myself, but almost never with girlfriends. There are several reasons for this. The main reason, of course, is Daniel's ridiculous commute and the fact that he almost never gets home before 7 and I just don't really want to go out then, and, truthfully, I like spending time with my husband. Lately, I'm such a grouch that I know he wishes I left more often though :) The other reason is that my closest friends are other moms from my church. And we all live on different ends of Seattle, and all have small kids, so synchronizing schedules and trying to find a day when everyone is healthy... almost impossible. We do stuff with our kids during the days, but never just us moms.

Anyway, tomorrow I am going out with Maggie and Lizzie to see Dooce!! do a reading up at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. Which is also the location of my favorite bakery in Seattle, and cake eating has been planned. Which I am totally justified in doing, since I only got the one cupcake on Saturday. Cake and hanging out with fun people! I can hardly wait! (Any other Seattle moms going to be there? Come say hi if you see us!)


Lizzie said...

Wheeee! I'm so excited! :D

Brandi said...

I know its hard to do girls night type of stuff..I am in that delima right now! Idon't remember the last girls night I have had!

Have fun!

Lindsay said...

Have fun!

maggie said...


Ashley said...

What's the name of your favorite bakery? I want to try it!