Sunday, March 1, 2009

And we're back

We made it to Canada and back! And had a good time! Things started out a little iffy. At 4 PM on Friday Ethan had not napped all day, was running a fever of 101 and was TOTALLY FREAKING OUT. I called Daniel to say that we were on our way to get him, and for once it was his turn to suggest that we cancel the trip, due to the horrible screaming in the background. But the car was loaded and the cats were fed, so we headed out anyway. And it was a pretty easy drive up to Canada. Unfortunately, Ethan slept the whole way up, which meant he was pretty much up all night that night.  A cranky, feeling sick kid is not my favorite thing to deal with away from home, so we were pretty frazzled by Saturday morning. 

We managed to drag ourselves away from Ethan around noon and headed off to our getaway. We've left Ethan with Daniel's parents once and with my parents twice, but always at our home. We knew they would be fine with him, but it was still hard to leave a sick kid. I actually got a little teary when we headed to our car. Darned pregnancy hormones. 

Anyway, after a trip to the Vancouver airport to update something on Daniel's Nexus (quick border crossing) card, we were off downtown. It was fun to walk around and see more of the city than I'd seen before. Usually when we're in downtown we're driving to dinner or lunch somewhere and don't usually take time to stop and explore. So that was fun.  Of course, many, many breaks were taken to feed the pregnant woman and find the nearest bathroom. I'm fairly certain I hit all bathrooms in the city of Vancouver on this trip :)

Our hotel was lovely, and they upgraded us when we mentioned in passing at checkin that we were celebrating our anniversary. What fun!  We rested up in our nice suite before dinner, then had a wonderful meal at a local jazz club. The waitress looked at me in confusion when I asked if they had any non-alcoholic drinks or sodas or things like that.  I'm fairly certain we were the only ones in there without a glass of wine or martini in hand.  But the food was great, so it was worth the lack of fancy sodas. 

Ethan had a good time with his grandparents. When we returned this morning, they looked pretty tired, but their condo was relatively intact and Ethan seemed to be pretty apathetic as to our existence.  Typical Ethan.  As long as he's getting attention from someone, he really doesn't care who it is!

So, a good trip, and nice to get away for one last time pre-New Baby.  And I was in a good mood the whole time and apologized pretty much the whole drive up to Canada for my snotty attitude this week, so Daniel forgave me.  Which was good, I like my husband to like me :)

Now we're home and getting ready for my parents to show up in 22 hours! Ethan's going to be very interesting after 12 straight days of getting spoiled by grandparents. Many stories to come, I'm sure!


Anonymous said...

Glad your back and glad it went relatively well!!!

maggie said...

Oh bummer. I know having a good time is good for YOU but I was looking forward to reading about Extended Family Angst And/Or Drama. SIGH. Shouldn't you be all about entertaining ME?