Monday, February 16, 2009

Typing with semi-frostbitten fingers

On the days that I am not working as a mommy, I work in a nice high-rise building in downtown Seattle. We've had our offices here for a long time now. I can't remember if it's 4 years or 5 years, but it's a long time. And we like our office. Good location for shopping, food, watching endless condo buildings being built in the city. We do occasionally see naked people in the hotel next door or the apartments next to that, which is a little disturbing, as they are never good-looking people. Oh, and there's the overly tanned, hairy man who sunbathes in a white Speedo on the patio of the apartments next door, and my office unfortunately looks directly out onto that patio. So that's a little disturbing. BUT- overall we love our office.

Except for the horrible habit they have of not turning on the heat on holidays. Like Presidents' Day. Because SO many offices are closed on Presidents' Day (rolling my eyes). When the Canadian consulate was still in the building, they would put up a stink about the heat being turned off on random American holidays that no one actually celebrates, and the heat would get turned back on. But they left. So here we sit, freezing in the office.

I got to work today even though daycare was closed, because Daniel's company actually does celebrate Presidents' Day for some reason. Why this is one of their paid holidays and not something like the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve, I do not know. But it works well today, as he's home with Ethan and I'm trying to get stuff done at work. He's even taking Ethan to his 18-month check-up today. He's never been to one of Ethan's check-ups, so it should be interesting. Oh, and Daniel is totally needle-phobic, so I'm hoping he'll be okay during the shots. Ethan will be fine, so maybe he can comfort Daniel :)

Oh, I forgot to mention- I won another prize! Seriously, I'm going to become the world's biggest advocate of entering bloggy giveaways. In the last year I have won: a flip video camera, a leather notebook, $100 of baked goods (that has been a blessing and a curse), a gift certificate for baby clothes, a CD, a flash drive, a $50 gift certificate for Tiny Prints, and now a really nice Graco SweetPeace Baby Comfort Center! My latest prize is from PBS Supersisters, which is a great blog written by three sisters who have a bunch of kids and always have something interesting to say. Go check them out!

I have to just keep typing constantly for the next 6.5 hours to keep my fingers from freezing. Must stay warm...


Lindsay Lebresco (Graco) said...

Wow! So you're the winner?! Very cool- sounds like the sweetpeace will come in handy for you :)

I'm sure Kristen will send me your info so we'll be getting that out to you soon.

Congrats! (on the win and being 24 weeks pregnant!)

Sarah said...

Congratulations on the win =) Also, bummer about the heat. I hear that complaint at my office from the people who do come in on holidays, but it seems like even though we own the building, we can't do anything about it lol.

Nicole Feliciano said...

First, I am so thrilled you are getting on the contest bandwagon. On my blog, Momtrends, I find it is a great way to introduce new brands. Sounds liek you are pretty lucky. This month I am devoting all my editorial to EXPECTING MOMS. And I've got three more contests to announce next week so stay tuned (some stylin' maternity clothes are included!)

Lindsay said...

Carrie, how goes it? You haven't posted in a while... hope is all is well.