Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We're having very pretty sunshine here in Seattle today, so it's lovely to look out the window and see all the blue sky. I think Ethan and I are going to have to go out for a walk later today. After he wakes up from his nap and the refinance appraisal guy has come and gone.  Which will be later than expected, since the appraiser FORGOT about our appointment today at noon. Oddly, when I got home from a playdate at my friend's house, there was a message on my voicemail from the appraiser, saying that we needed to set up a time for him to come by. Daniel called him back and mentioned that we had an appointment, and that it was for right then, and the guy said he'd hop in his car and come over. I think he owes me about $5000 extra in property value for that! 

Anyway, more updates- my appointment at the perinatologist went well. Ultrasound looked good- fluid levels were fine again, baby is still growing well (which is a concern, given the medications I'm on) and everything is on track.  I have to go back in another month to see them again to see if my meds need to be increased and to make sure baby is still growing. Seriously, I have a doctor's appointment of some sort pretty much every week. Thank goodness for medical insurance.  The ultrasound technician said that the baby is definitely a girl, so I spent the evening going through Ethan's baby clothes and packing those up for Daniel's coworker who is having a boy at the end of May.  I got strangely emotional about that- even though I am totally not a sentimental person!

The only bad news of the appointment was that the perinatologist said we should use my ultrasound from back at 6 weeks, 6 days to date the pregnancy, which moved my due date back to 6/6/09 (it had been at 6/2/09 for a while).  Which is probably for the best, it'll give the little one lots of time to grow before the c-section, but given that I just had a baby less than 18 months ago, I remember how long each and every day can feel during that last month!

Daniel's off to Toronto tomorrow night for the funeral.  He's taking a redeye flight out, with two stops on the way out and then coming back Saturday, with another two stops. I'm praying hard that all of the connections are made and that no complications arise.  Normally we wouldn't do that many connections, but last minute flights are definitely not cheap, and this was the most affordable way to travel.  So, I'm on my own for 72 hours- which I am perfectly capable of doing, but don't want to do, as I am lazy and like having help in the evenings! 

I need cake.  

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