Friday, February 6, 2009


It's 6:10 AM. I'm supposed to be working, so I can get an hour or so in before Ethan wakes up and needs to start his morning routine. But my work papers are about 8 feet away from where I sat down when I came out to the living room, so that's not happening so far. 

I also should be feeding the kitty sharks. I call them kitty sharks because they circle me endlessly, giving me pointed looks and eyeing my toes.  Poor things. They thought they needed treats when I got up at 2 to use the restroom and check on Ethan. Pretty much if I'm out of bed, they are sure they deserve treats.

And I definitely should be up making my lunch while waiting for the magic pod coffee maker to make my half-caf coffee. Again, that's several feet away from where I'm sitting, so hasn't happened yet.

Ethan and I had a good day yesterday. Tiring, but good. Went to bible study in the morning, which was lovely. The nursery people commented when I picked him up "he never stops moving, does he?"  Nope.  NEVER. Not even in his sleep. Seriously.  Judging by the past few days, his sister is going to be exactly the same.  We did have a giant battle over bedtime, which only happens once every few weeks, but always on the days that I'm most tired.  Ethan is not the type to cry it out- if he is upset, he just sits or stands in his crib and screams until something happens. Sometimes that's vomiting, last night it was a bloody nose, generally it's someone giving in and getting him up for 10 minutes or so.  I know this is bad parenting, but it's so much easier to just let him get up for 10 minutes and then have him happily go to sleep then, than to fight it out.  Last night the 10 minute get-up didn't work too well though. And when he was finally going down, Daniel called and wanted to tell him good night, which upset Ethan and started the whole process over again!  

To comfort myself I ate cake last night. I have got to stop buying cake. I'm now up 5 pounds since my last doctor's appointment.  Which was a WEEK ago.  Hopefully it's water weight. I'm going to focus on healthier snacks and drinking more water, which will hopefully help.  Must stop fatness...

Daniel's at the funeral right now.  He made it safely to Toronto yesterday and was doing well when I talked to him last night. They had a houseful of people and were catching up with everything that's going on.  I'm sure today is going to be a tough day for them all though.  So just sitting here praying for him (my excuse for not getting up) and looking forward to him coming home tomorrow night.

Okay, I have to get up and accomplish stuff now. HAVE to.  

Have a good Friday, everyone!

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