Friday, February 13, 2009

Sitting at my nice, quiet, organized desk

I'm in the office this morning. Sitting at my nice, quiet desk in my nice, quiet office. The quiet of our office used to bug me, but now I totally love it. *Sigh of happiness*.

Had an OB appointment this morning. New Baby cooperated and the OB had no trouble hearing her heartbeat. She likes to hang out at my back, so I don't feel her moving all that often, and it's always reassuring to hear her little heartbeat. For once it was an easy appointment- my BP was not high, and actually came in on the low side, but that's easier to fix than high. I was not happy with the number on the scale during my weigh-in, but that's pretty much going to be a given for the next, oh, 5 years or so. Hopefully I'll get more of that magic breastfeeding weight loss this time. It so did not happen for me with Ethan.

Yesterday was insane, but fun. I met up with Lizzie and Maggie and their kids in the morning. Maggie has a boy a little older than Ethan, but they did not really seem impressed with each other's existence. There were lots of toys to play with, so I'm not surprised. It was nice to meet Maggie finally, since I've been reading her blog for a while now. It's always fun to meet people in real life. I decided that I like her, despite the fact that she's down to her pre-baby weight already, just 5 months after having her baby, and I think I weighed the same at that point as I did 7 months pregnant. But she shall be forgiven. :) I'm going to need her to share her willpower secrets when I'm back on the whole weight loss thing this summer.

Both Lizzie and Maggie have adorable little girls, which made me want to speed up the calendar even more, and have it be June already so that New Baby will be here! And wearing all the adorable outfits she already owns. I have decided to focus on that, rather than, "oh my goodness, I cant even handle the one I've got, what am I going to do with two of them"? Cute pink outfits are so much better to think about.

Speaking of cute clothes, I'm feeling very betrayed this morning. I have a pair of utterly adorable red flats, which I am wearing today as part of my cute day-before-Valentine's Day outfit. Daniel dropped me off at the doctor on his way to work, and then I walked down the giant hill and over to my office, and by the time I got here, both of my heels were bleeding and I was limping. Cute shoes should not cause pain! I told Daniel that when we skyped after I got in to my office and he said "well, that means you need new shoes." How perfect is he?


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maggie said...

Willpower Secret: Start new weight loss blog and develop extreme fear of failing in front of the internet. Works like a charm! (Until I gain it all back next week

And husband says you need new shoes? KEEPER.