Thursday, February 26, 2009

Okay, so not our most romantic anniversary ever

Daniel and I definitely didn't waste any time getting past that whole newlywed-living in a happy bubble thing. Nope, it was straight to reality for us.  I was pregnant with Ethan by our 1st wedding anniversary and now pregnant with New Baby by our 3rd.  It's the trade off of marrying someone 10 years my senior, I suppose. We're fairly financially stable, but didn't want to put off things like having kids for very long. 

But, you know what? It's fine with me.  As I told Daniel last night, there's no one I'd rather be going through all this stuff with, and nowhere in life I'd rather be than with him.  And I said that at the END of the day that I will now detail for you.

Morning- Ethan threw up breakfast. I did laundry, Ethan got his 12th bath of the last 24 hour period.  Then I did more laundry. Daniel went to work.
Afternoon- Daniel calls to tell me that the septic tank on our rental property has a problem and it looks like it's going to mean major repairs. Ethan develops a fever of 101. Ethan naps, thanks to Baby Advil, and I do more laundry. And clean. At least I have a really clean condo right now.
Late afternoon-Daniel calls to tell me that the repairs for THAT day are $1500, and will probably be another $1000+ for the repairs that need to be done on Thursday.  Okey dokey.  Ethan develops diarrhea. I start feeling sick.
Evening- Daniel comes home with a beautiful bouquet of roses. Ethan goes through many more diapers.  We eat take-out Pho, while I lie on the couch and feel tired and ill. I am wearing pajamas by this point, but, since it's our anniversary, am at least wearing pretty ones.  
11 PM- Ethan joins us in our bed, because he's feverish and doesn't want to be alone. When he wakes up, we give him a bottle, since we're worried about his lack of wet diapers that day.  15 minutes later, he throws up the bottle, all over Daniel, who valiantly sacrifices himself to save our mattress.  I do laundry.
Midnight- We fall into an exhausted sleep, but we're holding hands. 

So far Daniel and I are still feeling fairly well. I think I've caught a very minor version of the bug, but nothing that will affect our travels. And the snow (oh yes, we woke up to several inches of snow!) seems to be melting, so hopefully we'll be able to make it to Canada tomorrow after work.  The planning for who is picking up Ethan, driving where, etc. in order to get out of here before it gets too late tomorrow night- pretty much on the scale of a military maneuver of some sort. But I think we can pull it off.

Anyway, Ethan's napping now and I'm (surprise!) doing laundry.  And I have a group meeting to call in for now, so should wrap this up and go discuss my uselessness-workwise with my coworkers. 


Nicole Feliciano said...

There is romance in the rhythm of everyday life. The key is the meaningful glances the handholding and the feeling that you are a team. Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

The life of toddlerhood! We had the bug a couple of weeks ago. I called the dr and they recommended the B.R.A.T. diet. Bananas, Rice, apple(sauce),toast(dry) and water or pedialite. Good luck! ~Amanda

Ashley said...

I love your realistic account of the anniversary of parents with young children. I can see mine being just like that but a bit more hectic because the second baby will be born in April and our anniversary is in May. No romance for us either!