Sunday, February 8, 2009

I've reached THAT stage of pregnancy

You know the stage that I'm talking about, right? The stage where I'm fairly certain I have been pregnant forever and will continue to be pregnant until the END OF TIME.  All the while still being at the stage where I don't look pregnant, just lumpy.  Although my baby bump and my chubbiness are getting close to merging, so hopefully I'll look less pathetic soon.  Today I had to wear a skirt to work in the church nursery, which I know people probably thought was weird, but my regular pants are too small, and tend to drift south when I wear them with the belly band (not a great idea when chasing multitudes of small children) and my maternity pants are too big.  So skirts it is, for a while! Thankfully I got some maternity tights yesterday, so can keep my legs warm.

Daniel made it home safely last night, right on time.  Ethan was so happy to see him this morning. He just had the hugest smile on his face as he walked to his daddy.  I never get tired of seeing the two of them together. They're the sweetest!  Daniel, unfortunately, didn't get much of a break today, as we had nursery duty this morning, and a list of things that have been put off around the condo for weeks and had to be done today.  He's relaxing now though, while watching some DVD about China and the Three Rivers Gorge Dam. I got the DVD from the library and started watching it, but it was too depressing for me and my pregnancy hormones.

So I left the DVD and decided to sort through my underwear drawer instead.  Which wasn't at all depressing, really :)  It's kind of funny to see all my fancy, skinny person underwear that I bought just three years ago, when I was weeks away from my wedding. Little did I know that all that pretty underwear would result in me being on my second pregnancy by the time of our third anniversary! Let that be a warning to you all- do not buy pretty underwear! 

Oh, and I got my haircut today. It was a terrible haircut- and I thought I would cry when I looked in the mirror, but after I washed it and styled it, it was improved. I have full bangs now, which I agreed to just to get the stylist to shut up and cut my hair already. Lizzie, you'll have to let me know what you think when I see you later this week.  I of course expect you to lie to me if it looks terrible :) 


Lizzie said...

Hahaha! I'm sure it looks adorable and it's just THAT stage of pregnancy that won't let you see it!

Jill said...

I took the plung and got my hair cut last Wed. I have had sorta long hair for years. I thought I was getting too old for long hair and then my employer decided we had to have our hair up off our collars. So, it was either pony tail everyday I work or hair cut. I think I made the right decision even though my 12 yr old had never seen me with short hair. My hubby and 16 yr old son actually gave me big comments. I am sure yours looks good too.You have not been pregnant forever until the 7th month!! Well your bed rest probably puts you at feeling like you are at 12 months!! HAHA!!