Monday, February 9, 2009


How am I supposed to keep my weight gain to 15 pounds for the entire pregnancy if I still have almost 4 months left to go, and all I can seem to think about is food? Particularly cake! I was on the computer last night, and a picture popped up from my Ukraine reunion in October 2007, and it was a picture of our food, with piles of Ukrainian cakes in the corner.

nd then my coworker was talking about the new Starbucks cupcakes this morning, and I almost started drooling on my desk. She made some weird comment like "the cupcake was good, but had too much frosting." I don't understand what she even means by such a statement, since we all know there is no such thing. I'm the type of person who likes to eat the "yucky" food on my plate first, so always eat the cake and then save the big pile of frosting for last. Fortunately for me, I'm married to a person who also doesn't really like frosting (yes, both my coworker and my husband are thin, and no, I'm not going to think about that), so I usually get to eat at least half of his frosting too.

Finding it VERY hard to concentrate now, especially since I'm hungry again, and I know that the Starbucks cupcakes are just an elevator ride away. Whimper.

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Karen said...

Dude. Just stay away from Twinkies. That's all I'm gonna say.