Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy 3rd anniversary to me!

Today is our third wedding anniversary. We're celebrating it by me staying home and cleaning up vomit, and Daniel going to work. We are very romantic :)  Not sure if we're making progress on the stomach bug or not- Ethan's dinner of soup and jello stayed down, but his breakfast today of toast and banana did not. You wanted to know all the details, I'm sure.  I aim to please.

So, Ethan and I are staying in again today, just resting up and hoping for wellness soon!  We did both change out of our pajamas this morning, unlike yesterday, so that's progress of one type!

Anyway, I was asking Daniel this morning what we did on our first anniversary, and neither of us could remember. Conveniently, I was blogging already back then, so could just go look at my archives and find out! Handy little thing, this blog.

It's actually okay that today is not the most exciting anniversary, as we planned all along to celebrate this weekend up in Vancouver. We have hotel reservations at a nice hotel and dinner reservations at a jazz club/restaurant. So that should be fun.  And we already took our annual visit to Smith Tower for our yearly picture on the spot where we got married. For your viewing pleasure, here are the photos!  The chair that I'm sitting in in the photos is called the Wishing Chair. From the Smith Tower website: 

The crown jewel of the Smith Tower is the legendary 35th floor Chinese Room. The room’s name derives from the extensive carved wood and porcelain ceiling and the elaborately carved blackwood furniture that were gifts to Mr. Smith from the Empress of China. The observatory’s furnishings include the famed Wishing Chair. The chair, product of the skill of a Chinese carver and quite likely the skill of an early day virtuoso publicity man, incorporates a carved dragon and a phoenix, which when combined, portends marriage. 
Hence the chair came with the sentimental- and sexist- legend that any wishful unmarried woman who sits in it would be married within a year. Some validity to the claim was noted, or at least implied, when Smith’s daughter was wed in the observatory a year following her visit to the building’s opening. 

However, I realized on Saturday that instead of getting married within a year of sitting in the chair, I either am pregnant or get pregnant within a year of sitting in the chair. Next year I am totally standing up for the family photo. No sense taking a risk with these things. 

We're such a cute family, aren't we?  Anyway, I'm not going to write Daniel a mushy message here on my blog because he doesn't read my blog unless I tell him he has to. So I'll save it for the card.  But I am definitely feeling blessed today- despite the vomit. There's nothing greater than being married to your best friend. It's been a busy and sometimes stressful 3 years, but with him by my side, it's all been so very worth it.  


Lizzie said...

Cool tradition to take a photo at the same spot every year! I want to enlarge the first one and see your gorgeous dress.

Lizzie said...

Oh, and happy anniversary. I hope the bug leaves soon. Poor Ethan!

Jen said...

Congrats momma!! Thanks for the donation.

Lindsay said...

Congrats...those are cute pics.

maggie said...

Happy (late) anniversary! I went to a wedding in Smith Tower and it was GORGEOUS. Loved it. And I agree with Liz- can't see the dress!!!

Ashley said...

Haha, my husband only reads my blog when I tell him he has to too. That part made me laugh because I know the feeling! Happy anniversary!