Friday, February 27, 2009


We're off to Canada this evening.  I get to sit and work quietly for a few more hours, before running to daycare to get Ethan, giving him a snack and a bath, throwing the rest of our suitcases in the car and driving to Daniel's office to pick him up so that we can head North.  And I'm in my typical pre-Canada trip mood, which means I'm a total snot and have been picking fights with Daniel for the last day.  I never am in a good mood pre-Canada, but my mood is a doozy this time, thanks to the week of sickness and the upcoming visit from my parents and second long car trip that we have next week. And I'm stressing a bit about leaving Ethan with his grandparents tomorrow night, since he's been sick with the stomach flu, and is teething and now seems to have a cold too. I don't even know what to tell them in terms of what to feed him, since I can't figure out what he's going to want to eat and what's going to stay down!  Makes packing quite a challenge. 

Seriously, I try to be in a good mood before these things. Really. Not hard enough, though. I really need to start praying more about my mood. But as soon as I start thinking about going to Canada and staying in my in-laws tiny home or having people in my own tiny home, I start to feel claustrophobic and stressed. I just do not deal well with having people around me all the time. I know I was also whining about being alone earlier this week, and it's true, I don't like that either. I need a happy medium. Short visits from people or meeting up outside my home.  

I've been so dreadful that Daniel is threatening to not take me to Canada anymore after this.  I'm trying to be upset about that idea. Truthfully, there's no way this is even going to be an issue again for a while, since I'm not planning to be in the car for this long again after my Portland trip next week, and then after New Baby is born, she (and therefore I) can't go to  Canada until her passport comes in.  So we're probably looking at another 6 months or so before this comes up again.  

I just wish that life doled things out in a little bit more moderation.  Stomach flu one week, one-year molars the next, visit to the in-laws a month later, visit from parents after that, trip to stay in grandmother's tiny home with not enough beds and one bathroom definitely months after that.  Like I said, I'm always a brat before any one of these things, but today I feel so overwhelmed by all of it coming at once and coming at the same time that I'm too pregnant to really sleep well... it's only noon and it's been a rough day already.  Let's just say it's the kind of day where pie gets eaten for breakfast.  

Anyway, I should focus on work for a while.  That's fairly calm today, at least. Just reading some articles and writing a report. Nothing stressful. Thank goodness!


Anonymous said...

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Sarah @ said...

Well I hope you have a good time in Canada, at least. I don't think it's in Life's nature to dole things out with space between them, but if you find out how to make that deal with someone, I'd really be interested in knowing how!