Thursday, February 12, 2009

A condoful of grouchy people

Ethan woke up on the wrong side of the crib this morning.  The screaming started at 6:45, and did not start out as a soft cry, like most mornings, but as a "oh my goodness the world is ENDING!" cry. And escalated from there. Fortunately he did cry at 6:45, because I set the alarm for 7, forgetting that today is my day with the car, which means Daniel has to be at the bus stop at 7:15.  But he made it and the car is all mine. Well, mine and the grouchy kid's.  Mr. Grouchy has spent the last two hours crying dramatically about things, while I keep saying things like "just tell me what you want. Learn to talk already!"  And putting him back in his crib in the hopes that he'll nap and be less cranky. I can hear him playing, so it's not working.

Last night it was my grouchy night (I know, you're wondering when it is not my turn).  By 6 PM I was wiped out completely, and feeling very pregnant and achy and sick and all those things.  And Daniel's still trying to catch up from his two days of being out last week, so he didn't even leave work until 6:30 and got home at 7:30 (we have GOT to move!).   I had put Ethan to bed and then gotten him back up when I realized that just because Mommy felt bad didn't mean Ethan was tired, so he was hanging out in the kitchen hiding the lids when Daniel finally came home.  At which point Daniel was handed the toddler and I retired to the couch where I spent the next hour, before going to lie on the bed and be miserable in there. I was so tired and achy that I only got up to check my email once! That's huge, you have no idea,

Anyway, Daniel came to bed around 10, and I was still achy and grouchy and miserable and all that.  At which point he made a mistake, a bad one for someone whose wife is on her second pregnancy of 2 years and who really should know better! He laid down next to me, and put his head on MY pillow and draped his arm across me.  I restrained myself from hitting him, and instead yelled "GET OFF MY PILLOW!!" 

Okay, in case you're confused here, here's some more background info. I do not like to be touched when I am not feeling well. Never have, never will. And I do not like people on my side of the bed, especially on my pillow! I need that little bit of personal space at the end of the day after having the toddler and the cats climbing on me and New Baby kicking me from the inside. Just one foot of space for my head and my face. And Daniel knows both of these things, and broke both rules simultaneously after being aware that I was NOT feeling well all evening. 

Fortunately for him, he moved quickly back to his side of the bed and offered to rub my back, which was acceptable. So I let him live. :)  He really is a good husband, and these type of bad things are about as bad as his behaviors get, so I shouldn't complain. But really, what was he thinking! 


Lizzie said...

Well, Lu and I will do our best to wear Ethan out real good so he takes a HUGE nap this afternoon and you can rest too!

Anonymous said...

What WAS he thinking? I have to have my space in bed EVERY NIGHT. And I am not pregnant anymore. Off my pillow and off my side and we have a Cali King! :) LOL