Monday, February 2, 2009

And it's Monday again

Busy weekend here. Daniel left at 6:30 AM for a men's retreat with our church.  I'm glad he was able to go, as time with his friends and with men from the church has not been a high priority lately for Daniel, thanks to me and Ethan.  He sounded really encouraged by the things they talked about at the retreat. 

The men made it home from the retreat at about noon, and Daniel then hung out at our friend's house and lusted over their brand-new 50 inch TV with all his other guy friends.  I made it up there a few hours later after Ethan's nap, and also sat mesmerized by the big screen picture. It was very nice.  And no fuzziness or weird lines in the picture, which is weird to us. For some reason our limited basic cable completely stinks lately, and most of the channels have lines running through them or make buzzing sounds or jump or have a ghost of the picture that is about to appear on the screen.  Darn you, Comcast! We're hoping it'll be better after the digital transition. Hoping, hoping.

Unfortunately, Daniel's phone rang about 10 minutes after I arrived at the Super Bowl party, with the news that his Toronto uncle had passed away.  I guess his heart began failing yesterday, so the doctor recommended that life support be discontinued. It was a hard thing for the family, but they knew they needed to let him go. Fortunately all the family that really needed to say goodbye had arrived in Toronto already. 

Now we're just waiting to hear when the funeral will be, and we'll book Daniel a ticket to the great frozen north.  His cousin, who is a pastor, has been asked by their aunt to perform the service, which we thought was surprising, but great, as the aunt and uncle were non-practicing Buddhists and had been very uncomfortable with anything related to Christian faith.  Please keep praying for the family, especially for Daniel's aunt. They apparently had a good marriage for many years, so this sudden loss has got to be so difficult for her.  

I'm off to the perinatologist in an hour for another ultrasound and an appointment.  Daniel and I were saying yesterday that if we get any more bad news, we're just going to pack up and run away :)  So hopefully everything will look good in my uterus today!


maggie said...

I'm so very sorry about Toronto uncle.

Lizzie said...

Drag about Daniel's uncle. It would be so hard to make a decision like that. On a brighter note, I'm excited to hear all about Baby Girl!