Sunday, February 15, 2009

24 weeks! And Valentine's Day!

You got a break from my disjointed ramblings yesterday, that was your Valentine's Day gift from me. You're welcome :)  We had a lovely day yesterday- Ethan decided to be the most wonderful child in the world, and slept until 8 AM. On a Saturday! I know!  I actually woke up because the cats had had about enough of me turning over and ignoring them and not getting up and feeding them as I should, given that my purpose is to serve them. So they mounted a full-scale effort to get me up and finally succeeded at 8. And when I went in Ethan's room to see why he was still sleeping, he was sitting up in his crib, just looking around. Not talking, not crying, just hanging out. I have no idea how long he had been up, but how wonderful that he stayed quiet! 

Then we had one of those lovely Saturdays where we just hung out at home and did stuff here and no one showered or got dressed until lunchtime. Those rarely happen at our home.  In the afternoon we met up with Kim, who had volunteered to take some family pictures of us, since she's working on starting her photography business. Kim, I apologize for being the least photogenic family ever.  Ethan, who normally is in a good mood when he sees a camera, was not being cooperative. I just looked lumpy, and Daniel blinked pretty much every time she shot a photo.  I'm hoping she got something good out of the photos she took!

And, as of yesterday I'm 24 weeks pregnant! We tried to take a 24 week photo yesterday, but I didn't even look remotely pregnant in it, so we're going to try again today before church.  I don't know if others felt this way during the pregnancy, but 24 weeks is definitely one of the little "oh good, we made it this far" landmarks in my mind, since a baby born now would have somewhat of a fighting chance. Not a big one, but a lot more than at any of the earlier stages. New Baby was wiggling and kicking like crazy last night, and Daniel finally got to feel her kick, which was nice. Sometimes I worry that he thinks I'm making up this whole pregnancy thing for sympathy. 

Now I'm just waiting for the rest of the family to wake up, and we're off to work in the church nursery (2 more times left, then we're done until May).  Last week was insane, with tons of kids and the guest speaker going 15 minutes over time, so hopefully this week will be better.  I'm glad we're able to be a blessing to other parents and serve in this way, since we are not involved in a whole lot of ministries at church right now, but it's definitely a tiring ministry! And it'll be good to get back into church in March and be able to be a part of the worship again and hear the sermons in the service, not just over the computer later in the week. I miss that! 


Amy @ Milk Breath and Margaritas said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog.

We work the church nursery on a rotation so it comes around maybe 3 or 4 times a year. My older son (6) loves it! He loves to play with the toddlers and hold the babies. Nursery days are some of his faves in church!

Lindsay said...

Those kind of Saturdays are the best. Now that I am done school except for one test it seems like we have them all the time and wow, I see the weekend in a whole new way.

Lizzie said...

"thinks I'm making up this whole pregnancy thing for sympathy" Bwaaaah hahahahaha. I felt that way so much at the beginning too!

Ashley said...

That's awesome you've hit 24 weeks! I'm glad your pregnancy is going so well too!