Friday, January 9, 2009


My OB put me on bed rest for the next week.  Have I mentioned here that I have the attention span of a gnat? I'm fidgety and a get-up-and-do-stuff person. Not a lie in bed for a week person.  Fortunately I can still work. But that's only going to take care of 27 hours out of the next week.

I'm also being referred to the perinatologist.  The combo of the amniotic fluid plus the BP issue has moved me up the high-risk ladder.  Hopefully they'll want to see me soon and will not make me be a prisoner in my bedroom after that appointment. But I don't know.  

Write to me, please! And blog about interesting things on your blogs so I have stuff to read. I need your help to get through!


Jill said...

I follow your blog, maybe you can check mine out I am on more days then off. I am soo sorry, I hope you do not pull all your hair out. JILL

Anonymous said...

Oh Carrie - I was on bed rest at the end of my pregnancy for low amniotic. Is this what it's for??

Get some books, take time to rest and try to enjoy it...cuz once 2 kids get there, you won't get another moment to rest. :)

Lindsay said...

So does this mean Daniel looks after Ethan? Or do you do that from the bed? Or does he do daycare as usual?

I am sorry to hear about the bed rest :( I hope everything is ok for you. Perhaps you could find a couple stellar blogs that have been going on for years and read the archives, heheh.