Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Okay- so all the news is in for today about my family's health problems.  The closer of the two relatives is okay, just needs to be watched because results (for the second year in a row), show that this person likely has the early stages of an autoimmune disease.  But it's still early and there's not much to do right now but wait. The other relative has cancer and will need chemo.  My dad's having a rough time with that, since it's the only person left in his biological family (other than my brother and I) that he's close to.  So right now he could use prayers. 

I'm trying to focus on the positive here. Unfortunately my brain has this terrible tendency to continue to worry once it's been turned on to the "worry" setting. So now I'm sitting around obsessing about the ultrasound on Thursday and wondering why I'm still not showing and why the baby's not really moving and what if that medication that I took in the first trimester (not the BP meds, another one) caused a problem and what if it doesn't show up on the scan and I don't know until birth... and that's WITH a lot of praying and trying to let go of things I can't control.  Can you imagine what I'd be like without prayer?

Did I not warn you guys that I turn into a totally psychotic freak when I'm pregnant?  :)  Yeah, I do.  This is why Daniel works such long hours lately, I'm pretty sure.  

Anyway, I made dinner tonight, so need to go get that on the table.  Daniel's home early (hurray!) so I need to enjoy having him around before he gets sucked back into work later tonight. 


mary said...

hugs- you know I am a worrywart about being pregnant- so I understand your feelings....

Lindsay said...

Awwww, stress! I hope you find lots to fill your day so the worrying can't get to crzy.