Sunday, January 11, 2009

Two and a half days done, a bunch more to go

Made it through the weekend! Truthfully, I'm starting to lose track of time and date.  Especially time. The days have been passing remarkably quickly, I'm fairly impressed and surprised.  Not sure what I did yesterday other than whine about my back hurting, so we wont dwell on that.  At some point yesterday I realized I had a cross-stitching project buried at the back of my closet and made Daniel dig that out.  I had started it before I got pregnant with Ethan and had to give up because the cats kept attacking the floss.  But they've aged a bit since then and are much more mellow now :)  

So today I worked on the cross-stitch and watched TV in the morning. Then after church, Daniel took me over to our rental condo (the renter moves in this coming week, but it's still vacant) and I laid on the couch and enjoyed cable TV while he and Ethan went swimming. Then we stopped by Taco Bell to get me some food before they went off to a potluck tonight. Seriously, never count on your husband to fill you in with news of your friends and their activities. All he could tell me was there was a lot of food and a lot of people there.  Very helpful, sweetie.

I did other things too, like laundry and loading the dishwasher, but I was as good as possible about lying down between all of them. I figure if I am sitting/lying down for most of the day, I need to be allowed up occasionally for mental sanity breaks. It's all WAY more rest than I was getting before, that's for sure.  Tonight we've been trying to figure out scheduling logistics for the week- several friends offered to come over for a while on my non-work days, so that'll help Daniel a bit to free him up to be able to work at his office at least part of the time those days.  

Other than that, just hoping the perinatologist's doctor calls tomorrow to schedule my appointment with them so I can get that on the calendar.  Maybe I'll get to leave the house again! ;)


Lizzie said...

That must be so so hard. I would get so antsy! We're praying for you. xoxo

Karen said...

First off, I am now officially putting your blog address in my Google Reader list. I used to click on you from my bookmarks, but I no longer have my bookmarks so I've lost track of my favorite blogs.

That said, I am WAY late again. CONGRATULATIONS on your baby girl!!!! That would explain the baby girl dress you bought!!!

Which leads me to my next item: I AM SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY IN SHIPPING YOUR DRESS!!! We've had the sick in our house all last week. It is packed up and ready to fly away tomorrow morning. It's going Priority so that should speed things up. Again, I AM SO SORRY.

And finally, SHOOT!!!! I didn't see that you were having a girl until today so the little extra treat I stuck in your box for the baby is gender neutral. DANG!

If I lived near you I would bring you dinner and take Ethan home with me to play with Jack so you could get some guilt free rest.