Saturday, January 17, 2009

This week has KICKED OUR BUTTS!

Well, someone in my house spent the morning in bed resting, but it wasn't me.  After a very very long week of working, taking care of me, dropping off/picking up Ethan at daycare, feeding all three of us, working some more to try to finish up all the things that needed to be done, spending the day with me at the hospital on Thursday... and on and on... Daniel finally gave in to the nasty cold that has been nagging him all week.  He got up this morning, fed Ethan breakfast and went back to bed.  Fortunately Ethan is a morning kid, so is happy to do whatever, including playing alone in his crib for a long time, then watching his new Little Einsteins' DVD.  Now he's playing with the cat toys and enjoying his relative lack of parental supervision. We can both see him, so wont let him do anything dangerous, but I think he could pretty much get away with anything else at this point :)

Yesterday I managed to eat some yogurt, soup and toast, with the help of the Zofran.  Today I'm going it alone and braved another yogurt this morning.   So far so good, so I think I might risk something like potatoes in a little bit.  I would pretty much kill for a cup of coffee right now, but I'm not sure I'm up to that just yet.

The only good thing about Daniel being sick is that he's going to have to miss our marriage/family group tonight and stay home with me. So I'll have company ALL day! I did request that he medicate himself enough to make it up to the library to pick up some books and a DVD I have on hold, but other than that, he's off the hook for Carrie-care. Hopefully he'll get the rest he needs and will be back to full health soon. 

My grandmother laughed at me on the phone this morning, she said I had the life of a senior citizen, with all my activities and conversations revolving around sickness and doctor's appointments.  :)  

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