Friday, January 2, 2009

Second guessing

So I'm worrying that I made the wrong decision about switching OBs. Not too much yet, just a little worried. Here's the current situation-
1) Doctor called nearly three weeks ago and left a voicemail saying she'd like to discuss changing my BP medications.  I know this one isn't great, but I was on it through the whole last pregnancy so am not overly concerned. And, truthfully, based on the research I've done on the drug in my databases at work, I think the effects are pretty much already there, since I've been on it for the first half of the pregnancy. 
2) Snow storm hit, office was closed and holidays came. So I wasn't that surprised to not hear back from them. I did call once to check in, had to leave a message then because the office was closed for the snow.
3) The nurse calls today and says that they're sending the orders for my "big" ultrasound (hurray!) and that the doctor is switching my medication to xxx.  I say that I would like to wait on the switch until I've actually had a chance to discuss the new medication with my doctor, in light of some problems that I've been having lately.  I already have an appointment scheduled for next Friday. The nurse says that it's okay for me to wait on the medication switch (um, yeah, I already said I was going to wait...)

I chatted with both a pharmacist friend and a doctor friend of mine tonight, and they thought I was being reasonable. And I'm really hoping that all the delay is just due to the holidays and snow and everything.  We'll see how the appointment goes next Friday. And Monday I'll get to call and schedule the ultrasound. Hurray!

Work today was lovely. I had things to do, but nothing stressful. I spent about half the day filing papers and shredding documents and just generally organizing, which always gives me a sense of accomplishment. And I enjoyed the nice, quiet, clean office thoroughly. :) I'm such a creature of habit, it's very comforting to get back into the routine for a while.  Of course I truly don't believe that it's Friday and now I have a weekend ahead of me. Happy about that, but not really believing it. Not sure what we're going to do this weekend. Relax and tidy up some more around here, I imagine. 

Okay, time to cook dinner. Have a great Weekend, everyone!

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Lizzie said...

YAY!! I'm almost as excited as you are for your ultrasound! And stop stressing - you'll talk to your doc and everything will be fine. :)