Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Friday stuff

1) I have gained 3 pounds in the last WEEK. Seriously. That is not good. Totally understandable though, since I have pretty much been eating constantly for the last few days. I'm not sure Daniel would even recognize me at this point without my cheeks bulging with food and a look of concern on my face as I huddle protectively over my snack. I have about 16 weeks left of pregnancy, so still could pack on the same 40 pounds I did last time, if I keep up this pace. Must get control of self. Unfortunately, Daniel is abandoning me this weekend to go a church men's retreat, and I'm going over to a friend's house tomorrow morning, and my path to her new place involves me driving past my absolute favorite bakery in the city. And the chances of me passing up my favorite cake, when I'm headed home to spend the rest of the day/night/next morning alone with Ethan.... smaller than minuscule.

2) No progress on Daniel's uncle. All my news is coming from Daniel who gets it from his mom who gets it from Daniel's cousin, who in theory is taking to the doctors, but I'm not sure. Last I head there had been no improvement and he was still on life support in the ICU, with a poor prognosis, but I have no idea what's going on.

3) I'm spending a ridiculous amount of time today sitting around and hoping for emails from one or more of the hundreds (I do not exaggerate there) of giveaways that I entered this week, telling me that I won something. They are starting to end today, but are dragged out over the next week and month, so there's still hope for a while, but you all know how patient I am. I want presents!

4) Speaking of presents, Valentine's Day, our wedding anniversary and my birthday all fall in the next two months. I have to figure out what to buy Daniel and what I want for my gifts. Hmmm.

5) I'm feeling extremely fat today. But the good news is that my baby belly is getting awfully close to merging with my fat roll, the one that normally lives lower on my body but that has been shoved upwards due to everything migrating around randomly these days. So I might look a little more pregnant soon. But I'm still going to spend the next 4 months as one of those people who everyone looks at and thinks "is she? isn't she?".

6) 4 months? I'm going to have another child in 4 months? AAHHH!!!!

7) I have a bunch of appointments with the perinatologist on Monday to see how things are going. I have an ultrasound first, then they couldn't get me in for my next appointment until after lunch, so I have to hang out near the hospital for over an hour between appointments. But I'm okay with that, since I'm no longer worrying about working a certain number of hours per week, so that's less stress. If I have time to work, fine, if I have too many appointments, then I'll just work less that week. We figure we need to get used to a smaller paycheck anyway.

8) Speaking of paychecks, my husband got a $10/month raise. I'm going to try to not spend it all in one place. I shouldn't make fun though, as I got no raise this year at all.

9) I need to go finish reading this very dull deposition. Enough procrastinating.

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