Saturday, January 31, 2009

More randomness (and a bloggy giveaway update)

1.  Okay, so Daniel left this morning at 6:30 for our church men's retreat. I spent most of the evening last night and early morning hours this morning trying to convince him that Ethan was a man and should go too. No luck.  Ethan and I went and spent a few hours this morning at our friend's gorgeous new house, hanging out with all our girlfriends, so that was fun. Then I stopped at my favorite bakery on the way back and got a piece of cake to be eaten tonight, and some Taco Bell. Daniel leaves, my eating habits nosedive. Whatever. BUT, then I got home and discovered that I did win something at the Bloggy Carnival-
$100 worth of baked goods

. Let's not mention this to my OB, okay?  :)

2.  Background on how Daniel shops. He researches. And researches and researches and researches and researches more. Doesn't matter what we're talking about, that's how he works. Generally, this means that when he actually goes to look at something in person, he's ready to buy on the spot.  This does extend to things like large purchases of real estate.  We've been talking about moving to the Eastside for a while now (that's on the other side of Lake Washington from Seattle proper, for you non-Seattleites).  Not because we don't love it here, we do. And the space, while tight, isn't the issue. It's Daniel's hour commute home in the evening, which sucks most of our family time and is going to get harder to deal with when we have two little ones.
So, he chatted with the realtor the other day, then she sent some listings yesterday, and he actually went on lunch to see the one he really liked. Next thing I know, he's discussing financing with the bank (we were already refinancing this place) and stuff like that.  
The last two times I have gone out property shopping with him, we've pretty much bought something on the spot on our second or third time out.  I'm a little nervous. Not that I don't want to move, but it makes me tired to think of all the logistics. Not to mention that it's going to be virtually impossible to sell our current home until we move out, thanks to the toddler, two adults and two cats, and the fact that we use every inch of space here. So that means two mortgages for a while.  Eeek.

3.  $100 worth of baked goods might not be enough to get me through these next few weeks! I'm not sure how fast we'll move with all of this, but we do have a baby coming in 4 months, so we either have to go quickly or hold off until fall.

4. I need to figure out what to do for the rest of the day today.  Bed rest and being sick got me in the habit of not going out much, so now I'm hesitant to drag Ethan and the stroller out for a walk. But I really should, as it's a nice, sunny day here. I need more motivation.  

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