Friday, January 9, 2009

I think you might be slightly inundated with blog posts from me

Okay, 7 hours of bedrest done now. MANY MANY to go. I'm trying not to see the logic in the question my parents asked about how they're going to know if the bedrest works in a week if my ultrasound isn't for 2 weeks.  I think a sad phone message will be left for the OB next Thursday night. Oh, and to answer someone's question, yes, the bed rest is because of the fluid issue. And my BP was up today too, which pretty much cemented my fate. 

I pretty much bed rested this afternoon. Sitting up, not lying down, as I had a deposition to summarize. Oh, and I have to ease into these things.  Then I had to go get Ethan from daycare at 4 and try to convince him to hang out on the bed with Mommy. That worked briefly, then he got upset because he wanted me to carry him around.  Which made me feel guilty, because he didn't ask for a sibling and doesn't understand what's going on and why Mommy can't play with him.  At 6:30 I drove to get Daniel at work.  I had the car today because of my appointments and figured sitting in the car was closer to bedrest than chasing around Ethan while I waited for Daniel to do the hour-plus-long bus ride home. 

I'm not sure what we're going to do next week.  He did talk to his boss, who is nice and understands, so hopefully Daniel will be able to work from home on Tuesday and Thursday (Ethan's non-daycare days) at least part of the time.  The problem is that they are swamped at work. Daniel's been in front of the computer until at least 10:30 every night and didn't wrap up work until midnight last night. So not the best timing for him to be needing to cut back on his work hours.

I'm also totally weirded out and feeling bad that Daniel's put in a 70 hour week and now is having to run around and do my chores, like unload the dishwasher and finish up dinner. Thankfully I got a lot done when I was home yesterday, so things are clean and tidy, but still.  I'm not used to other people doing the work. Don't get me wrong, Daniel is always helpful, but the condo is still primarily my responsibility and it's just WEIRD to have him doing the work.

There, typing all that killed another 6 minutes.  :)

The good thing about bed rest is that lying on the bed makes me sleepy, so maybe I'll learn to take naps or something. 


Jill said...

I am sure it will take you time to adjust, you will probably be off bed rest before that takes place. You seem to have a very understanding husband and hopefully your other family members can help you. I would if you lived near and actually knew me. HAHA!!I hope you need get needed rest because when I was pregnant a few days in the bed at times would of been awesome.

Ashley said...

Ohhh bed rest with a toddler! How in the world do you do it? I would have no idea!!! Good luck with that and I hope you get off bed rest soon! Oh, and congratulations that it's a girl! Girl clothes are SO fun to buy, it's seriously dangerous. But tons of fun too!!!

carrie said...

Take it easy Carrie, I have been there before, although not as early, and I know how frustrating it can be. :)

ps - you can always pass the time checking in with folk on FB! :)