Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009- so far :)

People- my husband is the BOMB at bathtub cleaning. He scrubbed and scrubbed and after several hours of scrubbing and spraying the bathtub with cleaner- it's actually whiter than our tub at home. It looks like it's never been used. I am in awe.  He is totally in charge of bathtub cleaning from now on :) 

We spent most of the evening last night cleaning the rental unit. Good way to end 2008, I suppose. While we cleaned, Ethan rotted his brain by watching TV, then demonstrated his reduced brainpower by falling off the futon and later getting his hand stuck in the VCR. He's fine on both counts. Seriously, the kid moves fast!  

We watched the ball drop on CNN, and tried to convince Ethan that he had seen new year and now needed to go to sleep. He was unconvinced for about another hour and a half. Daniel finally had to lie on the floor next to him until Ethan fell asleep. We were trying out a new portable floor bed thingy for Ethan, as the pack and play will be otherwise occupied later this year. It seemed to work well. He only escaped from it once, but he was asleep at the time, so didn't really get far. 

I managed to stay awake until 11 PM, reading the 4th Anne of Green Gables book.  It's been years since I read through the series and I'd forgotten how fabulous they are. 100 years after they're written- they're still great.  Anyway, at 11, I gave up and set the alarm for 11:58. We woke up then, turned on the TV to have the music soundtrack and watched the fireworks go off the top of the Space Needle out our window. Can't beat the view in that condo.  Three years ago, the last time we were there on NYE, we had a complete view of the Space Needle, but now there's a large building across the street and we can only see the top. But it's still cool.

Had friends over this morning so the kids could go swimming.  It was a fun get-together, despite the fact that I woke up with a headache this morning.  Seriously- I haven't had alcohol in 6 months and still wake up with a headache on New Year's morning? Most years I deserve a headache that day, but come on!  Anyway, the kids had fun swimming and I had fun chatting to my friends.  Then we packed up and headed back here and have been finishing up the de-Christmasing of the condo. Oh, and I sorted through Ethan's clothes and put away the 6-9 and 6-12 month outfits that he's still been wearing. He's almost 17 months old and they are finally getting too small!

So it's been a busy 24 hours, but not a bad start to the new year. Hope you all had a good NYE and are having a great 2009 so far!

Oh, the book thing- yes, I turned my 2007-2008 blog into a book using Blurb. I think it cost about $75, which is kind of expensive, but 1) I have a lot of entries and they're pretty long and 2) I use my blog in lieu of a journal, and think it might be fun for generations down the road to see how truly insane I was. So it's worth it to me. Daniel paid for it last year in place of one of our back-to-back February/March gift-giving events (Valentine's Day, our wedding anniversary and my birthday) and will probably do the same this year.  It took several hours to edit things as I wanted them, but the website is very user-friendly and I was very happy with the finished product. I recommend it highly!

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The Blurb thing sounds very cool. I will have to check that out!