Monday, December 8, 2008

Somehow it's Monday again

The weekend went by in a blur of driving and chatting with family and watching Daniel work on the computer late into the night. He was typing away on the laptop until 1 AM on Friday night/Saturday morning, then online most of the day Saturday as well. Sadly, they're so busy that he cant use the hours he already worked and take off early this week. And tonight he's decided that he needs to go to the HOA annual meeting, so I probably wont see him again until 8 or 9. I miss my husband!

We had a good weekend catching up with my grandmother and other relatives and had a nice hour at a bakery chatting with Daniel's best friend and his best friend's girlfriend. Then we headed home yesterday, making it in a record time, thanks to not awful traffic and a toddler who is suddenly happy to ride in the car and peacefully look out the window. I'm not sure what's gotten into him, but I hope it sticks around for a while!

Then came this morning, and it was the first morning in the 10 months that I've been back at work that I actually teared up at the thought of leaving. Ethan was sleeping when I left, which is pretty typical and never easy to leave, but today just hurt, since I knew I was headed to the office for a day of doing silly tasks that are not science-related, and involve lots of emails and phone calls to people to please explain to me what to do. Then the people just get annoyed, because if they had spare time, they would just do it themselves. I really wish I could get a small project in so I could actually use my brain and feel useful at work instead of just annoying.

And for this I leave my child?

I know I'm probably going to be looking back on this in a few months and kicking myself for not appreciating the fact that I am actually dressed in fairly nice clothes and wearing makeup and am not in the condo having food thrown at my head. Somehow that isn't helping this morning.

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Lizzie said...

Adam worked about 70 hours this past week - working all day Sat and Sun. It's been a very. long. week, and no end until the deadline Friday. Boy will it be nice to have a weekend together.

I'm sorry work is unsatisfying right now. Hopefully that will get better soon.