Thursday, December 18, 2008


That's the sound of Seattle grinding to a halt. Because of the snow. It snowed!!! They've been telling us that a big storm was coming.  So everyone prepared and schools shut down yesterday, and we waited. And waited, and waited. And watched video of all of the areas around Seattle get snow. Nothing for us.  We mocked the weather people. And I think most of us went to bed last night seriously doubting that any snow would fall at all.

As of 4:30 AM (I know this because we were up every hour with the cranky kid who has a cold and must wake up and yell about it all night), still no snow. Then around 5:30, I was finally asleep, and suddenly heard very loud thunder. And then more. This confused me, as we don't get many thunderstorms here at all, much less in December. When I got up at 7:45, Daniel was on the phone with his friend, canceling their plans to carpool to work, since it was snowing! Turns out the thunderstorm I had heard was called "thundersnow". Those two systems on either side of us collided this morning and dumped a lot of snow on the city.  We probably have several inches now.

Fortunately Daniel did not have to drive to Bellevue this morning. Which was good, because our tires are not that good, and the news clips of the bridges to Bellevue were kind of intimidating.  Ethan and I lurked in the condo all day and tried to not get in his way too much. It's nice to have him home, but it does throw off the routine a bit. As does a sudden influx of winter weather.  Since Ethan's still sick, I didn't want to take him out in the cold, so we just looked longingly out the window most of the day. Hopefully he'll be well by this weekend, when the next wave of bad weather arrives. We need pictures of him doing winter activities!

This is the best I can do so far for a winter activity photo :)


Pointing out the window at the snow

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Jen said...

Seriously C, you have one CUTE kid! I love the picture!

BTW we are in Ohio and have had snow and I still don't have pictures of Jackson outside in it. I am not a cold weather person - LOL!