Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rain, cupcakes and urine tests

How's that for a title? These are the things that are occupying my thoughts this morning. It's raining here. And cold. And it's supposed to get MUCH colder and maybe snow. We have a forecasted high of 29 for Monday. This is as strange to us as the hot weather that shows up sometimes in summer. And truthfully, we're not really prepared for it. I don't have real winter clothes. So I just wear lots of layers of my not-warm enough clothes and hope for the best.

I should be baking cupcakes instead of blogging. We're going to a potluck this afternoon and I'm in charge of desserts. The peppermint bark brownies are ready, just need to make the gingerbread cupcakes and I'll be all set.

Oh, and the urine test? Have to do a 24-hour test. Something about kidney function testing, since I'm a high-risk pregnancy and at risk for pre-eclampsia. Having to collect all your urine for 24 hours makes it challenging to leave the house, especially when you're pregnant and pee every 35 minutes. But I think I have it all figured out.

The week ended up to be pretty good. Work was still slow, but less frustrating than Monday. I got my annual performance review and it was great, but no raise, since they froze raises at my company to save money. My OB appointment yesterday was LONG, but fine. The doctor that I saw yesterday seemed nice. We're still trying to get all my records and test results sent to them, my old hospital is not cooperating and sending everything, which is frustrating. Hopefully it'll all show up sometime before this baby is born. I was able to hear the heartbeat for the first time (we've seen it twice, but never heard it). The doctor had to chase it around for about 5 minutes before she could catch it. I told her that another stubborn child was really not what I needed :)

And my friend and I had a good time on our outing to downtown Seattle on Thursday. The other four moms or their babies got sick, but the mom that did go with me had a good time and so did I. Pictures posted below.

Sounds like Ethan's up, so I should go entertain him for a while. I think Daniel is going to a motorcycle show today, and I've told him he's taking Ethan with him, so hopefully I wont be on baby-duty too long this morning. I have cupcakes to bake!

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Lazy Housewife said...

Those peppermint bark brownies sound delish!