Monday, December 29, 2008

Perspectives on clean

I've mentioned before that we own a couple of rental properties, both of which have been causing a little stress lately.  Well, things are finally improving- the vacant unit in the property down south finally rented, and we have a good application in on the other property here in Seattle.  

Anyway, our renter for the Seattle condo moved out finally this past weekend, so I decided to take Ethan over there and go swimming today. Because he loves the water.  This summer he loved swimming and he loves his bath and is always trying to swim around.  Yeah, any guesses as to what he did today?  Anyone?  He screamed from the second I put his bathing suit on him until I finally gave up about 10 minutes later and got out.  We had invited friends to come with us, and they were hanging out in the hot tub, so I headed back down to the condo to clean. 

Clean, you ask?  Why did you have to clean?  Okay, so I have not set foot in the actual unit since I moved out on Memorial Day 2006.  Daniel has visited 4 or 5 times now, all recently, to show the condo and to meet up with our former renter to do the walk through and sign the final papers. He assured me that things were in good shape there and it looked good and was clean.

People, I walked in and gagged.  Now, granted, I am a dirt-phobe and especially sensitive right now, but the bathroom as a whole and the kitchen sink terrified me. I don't think they have been cleaned since I moved out. The bathtub looks like something from the before pictures on those property flipping shows.  I went straight to Rite Aid, bought a bunch of cleaners and put them on the tub. I scrubbed a little, but thought I should not risk baby #2's health by inhaling too much, so am generally leaving the cleaning for Daniel to deal with. He admitted he didn't look at the bathtub. And our prospective new renter must not have either. There's just no way.

Hopefully we'll be able to get it much cleaner. Any advice on cleaning a very dirty tub?  I have Magic Erasers and some sort of foaming cleaner. Probably need to get something else too. But there's no fan in the bathroom, so I'm scared to get anything too intense.  I guess it's a challenge for this week!

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Lindsay said...

Have you tried the magic erasers yet? I am told they are PHENOMENAL at cleaning icky tubs.

Perhaps that's all you need.