Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On another sugar high

I'm working from home today. This was pre-planned and very fortuitous, since Ethan's little cough yesterday turned into a big cough and fever this morning. I planned to work from home because, supposedly it's going to snow here today. Still waiting for that. It's snowing all around Seattle, but they keep talking on the news about the "donut hole effect" protecting Seattle itself. Daniel's at his company's Christmas lunch today and I think he's coming home when that's done, so I'm hoping the snow holds off until he makes it back.

Still haven't heard from the doctor again. Hopefully she wont call while I'm on my sugar high. I'm a little hyper right now.  That's the problem with working from home. Too much junk food around.  I convinced Daniel to get Dominos pizza last night (yummy!), so I've been eating that and leftover Halloween candy and Christmas candy and who knows what else.  In waistline-sparing news, I discovered that I dont really like cake balls, so I'm not tempted by those. Which is good, because I have 80 in my freezer.  Most of which I still need to dip in chocolate tonight.  

Did you guys watch Biggest Loser last night? I'm happy with the results, but boy does that show need a better editor. Daniel and I always are shocked that it takes them two hours every week to do virtually nothing, while on the Amazing Race the contestants make it across entire countries and the show covers it in an hour. Just our thought. 

I have nothing else to talk about.  Except the condition of my living room at the moment, but that's just too scary to think about. Must tidy before Daniel gets home. 

Okay, back to work/juggling sick baby now.  Have a good Wednesday evening!

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Lindsay said...

I find it difficult to watch reality shows. Inevitably I get so embarassed on someone's behalf I can no longer watch. Someone needs to edit THAT stuff out too. Also, good God woman, you still have Halloween candy? You have way more will power than me.