Sunday, December 14, 2008

The joys of a quiet day stuck close to home

There's definitely a lot to be said for a weekend day stuck close to home.  The roads around here were pretty good, so we probably could have driven somewhere, but most of the places we tend to end up on weekends are either at the top or the bottom of a large hill, so we opted not to go anywhere in the car. Instead, Daniel had the good idea to meet up with a friend of his who has recently moved up to the Seattle area, and who now lives less than a mile away from us.

So we bundled up Ethan in his new (two sizes too big) winter coat and his hat (which he couldn't take off, since he couldn't move his arms in his giant coat) and his bundle me, and we headed out. And boy was it cold!  It's still over 70 in the condo, with no heat on, so we had no idea how truly cold it was outside. But we warmed up as we walked to the restaurant and had a nice lunch. I'm still full, 6 hours later!  Then we walked back home and spent the afternoon watching the rest of season 2 of Northern Exposure on DVD and cleaning a few things.  So it was  productive and relaxing day, all at once. 

Now I just have to figure out how many layers of clothes I can fit under my coat for my commute to work tomorrow. It's supposed to be a high in the upper 20s, so I'm guessing it's going to a pretty cold wait for the bus at 6:15 AM. Brr! (You'd never guess that I spent a winter in Eastern Europe, would you? I've lost all weather tolerance ability that I might have had back then!)

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Lizzie said...

I've completely become a Weather Wimp too! I can't STAND the cold, and we're from Wisconsin for the love of Pete!