Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm trying, I promise

Every evening, during the 30 seconds or so between lying down on my bed and fallying asleep, I think of the things that happened that day, the amusing and fun stories and mentally compose blog entries in my mind that will be amusing and entertaining and will make you all laugh and brighten your day.

Then I wake up, and start the day, and by the time I get around to blogging, I'm back to my usual Eeyore-like status. I swear, there's a black cloud hanging over my head. I'm starting to worry that I have caught my brother's bad luck. We always say that he makes Murphy look like an optimist- not with his attitude, but with his sheer ability to have things go wrong in almost every situation.  But his stuff is usually more major, and mind is still just little things.

To those of you who still read my blog- thanks. And I'm sorry. I want to be happy and cheerful and share the fun and amusing things that are going on, but I also feel like if I dont talk about the things that I'm struggling with- well, I might just go insane.

I had a lovely morning today- some friends of mine came over and we walked (in the record breaking cold) to the Children's Museum to play. It was fun, even though I had the cranky child in the group today. Ethan's a little not well, not enough to stay home with, but enough to make him out of sorts.  He's in bed now.  

(okay, totally off topic- I'm looking at my little sidebar photo slideshow while I write this, and a picture from my baby shower with Ethan popped up and- oh my goodness, the cleavage! Wow. Must remember to not wear low-cut shirts late in pregnancy this time).

Anyway.  Since I know you're DYING to hear about my latest whiny problems.  The renter that was interested in the Belltown condo fell through, so we're back to square one with that. Which means... no Hawaii trip.  We have the savings, and Daniel still really wants to go, since it would be so much cheaper to go now with Ethan being under 2 and no second child, but I just dont feel like it would be very responsible for us. That was disappointing, because it was really giving us something positive to think about and plan for. 

To distract myself, I'm off to make cake balls now and watch my Season 6 DVD of Monk that I picked up last night at the library.  Cake and fun tv shows should help!

To all of you out there living in places with cold weather- stay warm and safe!!!

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