Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm operating under the assumption that you all find me amusing

Apparently the majority of my Facebook friends find my angst to be entertaining, so I'm assuming you all do too.  If so, HA! You're out of luck! I'm not angsty today!

Okay, so one of the main reasons the in-laws stayed so very long (how has it possibly not even been three full days yet?) is that Daniel and I were supposed to go away last night for a getaway. We did it when my parents visited as well, since real vacations are few and far between. 

But, by yesterday afternoon, I was in a rotten mood, as you may have noticed. And feeling yucky, because I'm rapidly expanding, thanks to baby#2 and consoling myself with chocolate cookies (food that you get for a Christmas present has no calories, right?).  So I told Daniel I didn't want to waste our time and money going to dinner and staying in the hotel.  I was just too annoyed/tired/sick to enjoy it.  However, Daniel ignored me, and we packed up and left around 4 PM. I swear to you guys, my mood improved before we made it to the elevator in our hallway.

We stayed at the lovely new Pan Pacific Seattle last night, had a nice dinner at the BluWater Bistro on South Lake Union, and dessert at the always fabulous B&O Espresso.  And the best part of the evening was when we stopped by Whole Foods and got some sparkling juice, then I was able to sit in the gigantic soaking tub in our hotel room and drink my juice from a champagne flute and relax.  Fabulous!  

So I'm better today, and thankful for a husband who ignores my insanity about 99% of the time. And we're down to 4 hours and 19 minutes of togetherness- the bus for Canada leaves at 3 PM. And we have lunch plans with friends of Daniel's who are also down for the weekend (the Canadians all tend to show up on the same weekend to visit), so we will have distractions soon!

Seriously, I have great in-laws. They took wonderful care of Ethan on Friday and last night. He's happy and healthy and having a wonderful time.  And they try not to meddle too much (hence the conversing in Chinese rather than English).  I wish I could get over my insecurities and not get so hung up on the little things. But as I was telling Daniel last night at dinner, sometimes I feel that the culture and generation gap is just too big. We literally do not speak the same language. We don't like the same foods, we have different perspectives on a lot of little stuff. And Daniel cannot possibly comprehend this, because he pretty much totally understands both cultures and shifts fairly effortlessly between the two.

Hopefully things will continue to improve with time.   We still have been married less than 3 years, so we're all still getting used to each other and how our cultures/families fit together. I hope we get there. And I hope I can get over my attitude issues before Ethan is old enough to understand.  

But I'm still going to be awfully glad when 3 PM rolls around and I have my condo back to our little family. :)


Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...

You are doing it!

Ashley said...

I'm so glad you had fun at the hotel, it sounds awesome! And yes, your posts are amusing, I like them a lot. :)

maggie said...

I'm glad you're getting your space back. I know, the in-laws are awesome, except when they aren't! Mine are coming up today so I can go downtown and spend hideous amounts of money. And I am sooooo jealous of your tub you have no idea.