Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm humming the hamster dance song to myself. I have no idea why.

I think it might be the sugar. I just ate a candy bar. Lizzie laughed (in a very nice way) yesterday at my utterly sucky willpower, since I was eating a cookie while discussing my problem with gaining too much baby weight. I'm highly educated, but fairly dumb a good bit of the time. I also ate ice cream while watching Biggest Loser last night. Which I SOBBED through, since it was the makeover/reunion with closest family member episode. So sweet.

Yesterday was totally busy and totally fun and I was asleep in about 30 seconds when I went to bed, since I am not used to that level of activity. But worth it. I was contemplating what I am going to do when I have the car tomorrow, but then Daniel reminded me that we're leaving Friday afternoon to go to Portland to see my grandmother, so I have to pack. Darn it.

Oooh, I almost forgot again. Picture of my advent calendar!

Yes, it's gigantic. No, I have no idea where I'm going to put it in January. Perhaps it will hang on the wall all year.
Anyone else feeling really worn down by all the bad news lately? It seems to really be getting to me, especially in combination with the weather. I know God's in control and that I need to pray more and focus on good things. And I've tried to keep the Christian radio station on instead of the news, and things like that. But it still seeps through. And there are all those little things in my own life that are adding up- the rental properties, finding out I don't qualify for disability money this pregnancy, finding out that work is freezing raises/bonuses this year. It's nothing major, and nothing we cant handle, but Daniel and I have started joking that there's some sort of minor bad news financially every day. Can I take a vacation from bad news.
I know I shouldn't complain. I was reading a book my great-aunt wrote, and when she was born in 1928, my great-grandparents had just moved (with their 18 month old twins) to a house with no electricity and no running water and just one room. Could you imagine? And they all turned out fine, somehow!
Okay, now leave me comments praising the calendar, please. I'm so not crafty that that took a lot of energy and I need reassurance :)


Lizzie said...

Oooooh! Aaaaaaaah! I bet if Ethan remembers anything from this Christmas it's that beautiful shiny Advent calendar!

(also? my word verification is "dingle" that seems somehow appropriate.)

Jen said...

I love the advent calendar. You said that you made it but how?? What is in the boxes?? Did I miss a post explaining it??

Erin said...

It is a very lovely Advent calendar.

My dog very lovingly ATE the inexpensive one we had (the kind with the chocolate inside), so I went to Target to get a new one and came home with a chipboard one with drawers that can house 4 kisses! 1 for each of us! Yay!